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  1. chalk this up to a bump I'm not going to read.
  2. I recognize the name, but probably just from the website. I don't think I've met him. Good luck!
  3. Who is your exxum guide? I trained with Newcomb Jr. back in the day. If you're studying under Newcomb, ask him how much Mt. Vinson set Marmot back.
  4. I think it took me like 20 years to gain the angulation that Stemik's 5y.o. is displaying in those shots. The smile, however, started just as young. Good on ya, stemik!
  5. not homonymns, but worthy of a headache- tough cough dough through plough
  6. Originally Posted By: Kingofmyrrh Wow, looks fantastic. Is that illegal section the face you mentioned before that has huge slides once every blue moon? That's it. As a whole, its shrubs and trees anchor everything in. But- all those little rolly patches rip every time I go in there. Basically, every run I have had in there (around a dozen or so) just ended up being a run of snow-management, just kicking off mini slabs and very few turns in the bottom tree section. It's not really worth the effort. If it ever gets a huge dump, those little rolly patches team up and rip out trees. I'm not
  7. First of all, thanks for the advice. Today rocked. New snow, sunshine, barely below freezing temps, no wind... just moving snow. The Ohayo shot... The Valley... (it is very rare that we can see it.) Some OB... (this place is always wind-loaded waiting to rip.) The Illegal Stuff... it got ridden by someone today. Not me. I'm quite sure Zao would ban me for skiing that on the busiest, sunniest, most avy-prone day of the year. Ironically, while on the oposite side of the mountain, I saw a life-flight chopper hovering above this peak and bowl. I don't know why. But
  8. the giants lost a home game and were pissed off??? And, I thought the premiership playing overseas was about ADDING an additional game to the original schedule... hence my misunderstanding as to why people are actually angry.
  9. snowdude wins. family... sun... snow... Can't we order that for delivery these days?
  10. now you hear me. (and how will you feel when waking up to a dumpling land on sunday?)
  11. So... okemo... deep or fast? I count my blessings, but one day a week is about as much as anyone could ask for. This weekend I must choose. And it's hard.
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