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  1. Had a read through this thread the other day. A wild ride you guys have all been on since that day. Hope things are calmer now and hoping that the Fukushima problem clears itself up sooner than later.
  2. Haven't been around for a while as we have left Japan. Congratulations on the move. And thanks for being a great site and community. Really helped when we were over there. Doesn't look like we will be back to Japan anyime soon. Good luck with everything and keep going strong!
  3. I didn't know you could get sky (you mean sky?) tv on hikari....
  4. Quote: 49 minutes: The time each day the average family spends together Chasing the clock and worrying about money put more and more pressure on home life, a survey reveals. But Jonathan Owen finds that modern British households come in many forms. The fabric of British family life is being reduced to stress and "chaos" by time pressures and money worries, experts said in response to the findings of a major new survey. With the average British family now spending only 49 minutes a day together, almost half of the parents questioned admit they do not spend enough "quality time" togeth
  5. One of my work colleagues went last weekend. He said it was very limited and not worth the trip and has decided to wait now until decent snow arrives.
  6. I like being near Tokyo but would not like to live in a busy place. Luckily we both can miss the rush hour traffic as well with our work and live in a comparatively quiet area. Enjoy it here.
  7. Yes there is a free bus that goes round the whole place. Okushiga Kogen >> Maruika is all skiable. Kumanoyu >> Yokoteyama is all skiable. The only area that is not linked up is between those two areas and you hop on the bus for that.
  8. We have 3 weekends sorted. Hakuba Nozawa Yuzawa On top of that hope to get another in and maybe a few days here and there.
  9. They can't decide what to sound like! Indie > rock > 80s pop?! I quite liked their first album,
  10. Kazuizawa really must be seen as a last desperate resort. Better still, please save your money!
  11. Shiga Kogen doesn't generally seem to get the hype that N or H get. I suppose because there aren't the foreign owners over there pushing it as much.
  12. That woke us as well, though you probably got it much stronger. Difficult to go back to sleep after that!
  13. The snow is usually really good. Have you looked at the now reports on here http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/shiga-kogen-now.php
  14. We are off for just under three weeks in early August.
  15. I really dislike licorice. What is it in Japanese? I can't recall seeing (or smelling!) any here. Marmite!
  16. Yes it was a gas leak apparently. That guy is as you say very lucky!!
  17. I can't see any stupid question at all (just a rather ott response). I'd try asking the places you are in contact with up there TB and see what they say. I know plenty of people who have booked for the same season in December without any problems. Yes I'm sure the peak will be full but.. Good luck.
  18. I really love the scenery around Kusatsu (Shirane? the top volcano area) and also the one at Zao in Yamagata. I have some pics somewhere will have to get them up.
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