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  1. Tubby Beaver - we will be in osaka at the beginning and end of our trip, tokyo is in between.. Ezorisu - thank you.. im so excited and scared at the same time!! still counting down..
  2. you guys are gonna kill me... LOL!! i was looking at our accommodation bookings and have noted that we are not actually in tokyo for 7 nights but 6 nights.. the reason being is that the booking details were weird.. it says that 29/10 - 4/11 but then below that it says 7 nights check in 29/10 check out 5/11.. so the jr pass would be sufficient for our timeframe but... anyways.. we've decide to give the jr pass a miss as we'll have more than enough to do in a new place.. and we'll probably give the artificial snow a miss too.. makes me sad!! i think i'll give the bus trip a mi
  3. i feel like im going round in circles especially with this rail system... tryin' to find out if any alternative passes are available that would suit my schedule.. it's frustrating but im excited with the countdown till im over there!! thanks Ezorisu.. it is ashame about the timeframe of my trip in each city.. by the end of all this i think the idea of getting tickets for the desired return trip and individual one way on local trains is the way to go.. if there are discounted group tickets at the JR station that would be great im sure as we will be in a group of 4 ppl.. thank you
  4. oh.. thanks FJ Forums Moderator.. JA - now that i've had a look at the websites.. 1. the first link i understand the first 3 pages are timetables, but you may have to explain the last page. is shin-osaka osaka? does that mean from tokyo to osaka it will cost 4730 - 5240 on hikari and kodama? does this take approx. 3 hrs? im guessing the price is one way.. from what i understand on websites hikari is faster than the kodama.. depending on station stops.. i think the last two links are a bit too much as they relate to x amount of days whether it be consecutive or flexi and i
  5. i'll check out the links now JA.. weird?! my pm box only had the welcome email in it and i have deleted that now..
  6. thank you for all your responses guys and girls.. it seems this has turned into a debatable topic which i didn't mean for it to be.. personally.. i was thinking of traveling to japan next year but friends of ours wanted to go as well but didn't have a date set.. so we pushed our holiday forward and this was the time which was suitable for one of us.. so that is the story behind it.. i will keep in mind karuizawa prince if that is the only place and chance i get to experience ski slopes whether it be artificial or the real deal.. im not desperate for skiing if that is what you have in
  7. i've had a look at several websites and unfortunately from what i understand the 4 day and other flexi passes is separated into regions and therefore i think is restricted?! it's just so hard.. my schedule consists of being in osaka for 3 nights, travelling to tokyo for 7 nights then back to osaka for an additional 4 nights.. 7 day JR pass is too little and 14 day is a bit too much and does not include the bullet train 'NOZOMI' trains on the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen lines.. and being a newbie to japan i would like to travel on a bullet train for the experience!! can you suggest
  8. with the 4 day flexi, do you have to pre-purchase it? how much does it cost and what train lines can it use?
  9. the only thing i don't like bout the japan rail pass is the consecutive day business.. as we don't have a set planned schedule and may not travel anywhere a day or two.. as i will be in tokyo for 7 nights and travelling to and fro osaka as a return trip.. that is probably all the long distance i will be doing.. as i understand short trips from a few stations is only about AUD $2+ only anyways.. do you still think it is worth it?
  10. thank you for all your help.. just finalising details now and was wondering if it's looking good for early ski resorts or not?
  11. Hi I'm just finalising my trip details and was wondering if the Japan Rail Pass was worth the hassle?! I will be in Osaka and Tokyo for approx. 2 weeks and will only travel out a bit if snow conditions are reasonable otherwise only here and there.. Replies much appreciated. Regards
  12. thanks for all your replies.. since gunma and shizuoka is close to tokyo compared to hiroshima - can this trip be taken in 1 day or do we have to stay overnight? also is it possible for you guys to provide me with website links for booking?! artificial snow is okay, my girlfriend and i are only beginners and the boys will probably go off snowboarding anyways.. at least the artificial snow will be more realistic than the ice in the freezer as that's the closest i've come to it!!
  13. Hi all, I'll be traveling to Osaka/Tokyo at the end of Oct this year for the first time and was wondering if any of you could tell me of any possible ski resorts opening at the end of Oct or beginning of Nov? I have noticed on this website in the 'General Info - The Season' section that it does mention the possibility, if snow conditions allow. All Australian travel agents that I have inquired with advises late Nov/Dec. Hope you can help me..
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