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  1. I use mitts, with n inner glove (toasty warm) and the outer glove water/wind prf and durable. Generic brnd, just check the stiching whenyou buy, nd that it hs reinforcing in high wear areas.
  2. Originally Posted By: The Gimp Check out the top of Naeba on a busy day. On second thoughts, Ski has the right idea! yep, i was there, like ants out of a nest thats just been trampled !
  3. First day out this season, Knee deep pow, tree runs, light snow all day, hassled by the ski patrol for going "out of bounds", THIS IS WHAT WE,RE HERE FOR!
  4. And discover while onthe shinkansen A CHIP, plus a scratch, BUGGER!
  5. just breathe...... In.........Out......that,s it....In......Out.. Remember, location,location, location, pick a better ski jo next time.
  6. patience is a virtue, all good things come to those who wait! so on and so forth
  7. About to leave for katashina early sundaay morning, then strted spewing, literally. Man that sucks!
  8. yea,i think its odd that they say 80cm, seems unlikely, if they did surely thewhole plce would be open
  9. kinda like kite boarding yea! mybrother has one ofthose, great fun, but don,tget caught in strong gusty winds or there,s trouble. Get it then take it to the beach till ya get the hang of it, nice nd softsnd. I wouldnt be brave enough to go up mountain with it though, too unpredictble, the weather tht it.
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