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  1. I think's there's been one manners in most of the Japanese ski resorts I've been too. eg: Rokuroshi in Fukui. They're not limited to Japan of course - eastern Europe still has a few kicking around eg in Vogel, Slovenia:
  2. Legality and morality are two very different things. Yes it's illegal - but I would be very suprised if anyone commenting can claim to have never broken the law. But morally wrong - I don't agree. As that ticket cannot be refunded - I don't see why it's morally wrong for that time to be shared between two people. Just because it's illegal doesn't mean it's morally wrong. It's not about 'getting away with what ever you can' - we're not talking about lift pass drops (which allows multiple people to go skiing on one pass). A full day's use of the ski lifts has been paid for -
  3. Along the same lines - what do you feel about giving away parking tickets? eg - in many car parks in the UK, you might have to buy a ticket for say 3 hours, even if you only want to park for 30 mins. It's quite common for people who still have some time left on their ticket to give them away to other drivers. (although they are clamping down on this by making you enter your reg. number now). However - the principal is the same - you've paid for 3 hours of parking, but have only used 30 minutes. Therefore, why shouldn't you pass your slot on to someone who can use it. I think i
  4. are you sure that's in Ishikawa? I lived in the hokuriku area for 2 years but never heard of anywhere like that in Ishikawa! - please don't tell me it passed me by!
  5. I somtimes used to buy a ticket from a Japanese person who were coming off the slopes at some of the bigger resorts at midday - if I was just going up for an afternoon. I know that tickets are supposed to be non-transferable - but in terms of lift use - the net effect is the same. ie two people using the lifts for a half day each - rather than one person using them for a full day. Also - resorts don't tend to offer tickets for mornings only (no way to enforce it) so I don't feel this practice is morally wrong. However - I never ever sell my tickets as I keep them all as souven
  6. I did a search on the forums but couldn't find any threads on this topic. I'd like to know, which ski resorts in Japan keep their lifts running for longest - ie where are the best places for spring skiing? I've heard tell of somewhere in north Honshu that doesn't even open its lifts until spring - because it gets so much snow! - anyone know if this is true? cheers
  7. Could anyone recomend a Ryokan or similar style accomodation in Sapporo please? Ideally somewhere reasonably central, and cheap(ish). thanks
  8. I'm just after pure infomation, nothing more, nothing less - lived in Japan for 2 years - and am not planning on coming back for a while. Anyone know the nearest ski area from Sapporro centre is, and how long it would take to get there?
  9. They're all good places - but as many on this forum know - small is often beautiful when it comes to snowboarding/skiing - I've had my best days at ski areas that probably wouldn't even make the Top 500 in the world...
  10. Hi, I'm looking for info on ski areas that are within a 30 min bus ride/train trip from any largish city. I know that Japan has a habit of calling places cities, that most other countries would call towns, so I'm only looking really for the larger cities, that genuinely deserve the title of city. Any info to potential ski areas appreciated. thanks
  11. Anyone know of any cool Japanese ski/snowboard t-shirts or hoodies available on the web? I bought a really cool shirt from a small ski resort called Ski Jam a few years ago, and wouldn't mind getting a few more different designs, but haven't really seen many about. Doesn't have to be resort specific, just something with a Japan snow/ski/snowboard theme to it.... If anyone knows of any, please gimme a hollah! domo
  12. IMHO - there's not a huge amount of different between two mid price snowboards... Probably more important just to get one that suits you (ie correct flex, sidecut, size etc) - and the brand should be a secondary consideration. Saying that- my Option board has lasted over 5 years - so I can vouch for their robustness.
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