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  1. Ok, so I have a few options for my accomodation in Hakuba in a certain price range, just wanted to get some advice from those in the know as to the locations & facilities of a few of these places; - Hotel de Laille - Penke Panke - Luna Pienna - Villa Hakuba - Santa Pensionne - Lodge Tabi-Tabi - Hakuba Soyokaze - Hakuba Powder Lodge - Monkey Rider - Grove Inn Skala I am aware that these are quite spread out, some in Echoland, some in Goryu & some in Happo One, but I just wanted to get an idea of what they are like, how close they are to nearby facilities (lif
  2. Originally Posted By: JA Yeah, but not all of them! We are booked OOL - KIX in January, and the flights are still OK. Confirmed last night through the jetstar site. The flights that are disappearing are the Melbourne-Narita flights, and some of the Cairns-Narita ones. Coolangatta is closer than Sydney or Brisbane, in any case!! So, I'm cheering! Seat allocation made online too! I have just checked the "my booking" part of the Jetstar flight, and everything is still as is for my Jan 18 Nagoya>Cairns>Melbourne flight, and the flight status is "confirmed" However, I was unde
  3. Originally Posted By: kokodoko go jetfart like i do.. they are just fine imho.. Qantas own Jetstar - Hence the Jetstar flights are cut too!
  4. I have my flights all booked and now just need to decide on a resort... Basically we will be spending 7 Nights in one of either Hakuba or Shiga Kogen... We are two early twenteis high intermediate snowboarders, and the following categories would be determining factors in deciding which resort to go to.. Your help & advice would be appreciated! - Location of accommodation: We would like to be in a fairly central area, with restaurants, bars & shops close by (we will probably eat out on half of the nights and cook ourselves on half of the nights) As well as being reasonably clos
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