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  1. I'll just gamble it and go for Feb 08 in SK. I am learning Japanese so I guess if there is no snow I'll pick up some new words
  2. I have been looking on some past snow reports around Feburary 2007 (same sort of dates I have planned) and I don't see much snow fall! - sometimes you get 20cm then days on end of 0cm! I thought it dumped quite alot! Can anyone confirm this? should I (as a powder monkey) be looking for somewhere with more snow fall, what is a place like that?
  3. So should I stay there for the full 10 days of boarding, or got to another place? I really need to know if there are some nice powder runs at SK or a park?
  4. how is the snow there in Feb? I see from the reports it is good, are there powder runs? does it get very busy?
  5. I dont really 'need' a night life, but I dont want to just go home after snowboarding every day and eat > goto bed. I just wanna hit a bar or a pub after it and have a few beers then back home to crash, no night clubbing or crazy stuff like that.. I am too old!
  6. I am going in Feburary 08 I am going with about 4-6 friends I am intermediate (kinda advanced) did a season in Whistler, so I can stand up.. I want a varied location - steep hills to parks to deep powder I want to be there for 10 days snowboarding (or there abouts) I have been looking into Shiga Kogen - what do think? I hear the "night life" is a bit suspect.. Any thoughts?
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