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  1. It's not in hakuba-mura but I think people still think of it as hakuba the area, just like they do with the resorts to the north in otari (tsugaike etc)
  2. I really like them actually. The Caeser salad one now is good.
  3. Don't some people have machines in their tv (agree to it of course), take that as a sample and go on that? Sounds like it is probably wildly inaccurate.
  4. Milton Bradley Simon haha My brother used to have one of them! I used to love playing with it when I was a kid.
  5. That was scary! There was quite a strong earthquake last night and it woke me up in a panic. I hear that from this morning they will be putting warnings on the TV before the moving of a big quake hits. I don't know if I actually like that idea or not, I think I would freeze for the 10 seconds before being able to do anything if I saw something like that.
  6. It is, I know a few people there. Will you have time to enjoy it?
  7. I had a headache this morning. It may have had something to do with all that wine last night. So today has been quite quiet. Tomorrow if the weather is good but not too hot I might go for a drive and walk up the hills.
  8. Where abouts is Raichozawa. I have a friend in Toyama who has told me that he is going to be going that area a lot and asked me if I wanted to go.
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