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  1. I have never experienced a drag lift / tbar. Do they not hurt the crotch area?
  2. Online check in - definitely Seat position - exit row or just no-one in front People who don't move - MAD!!
  3. Friend of mine suffering now and has been for a week or so. Early March!
  4. I had to find a file from quite a few years back and had to dust off an old Gateway laptop I had. It looked antiquated! Anyway got the thing out and happily it could still turn on, though it took an age for the Windows 98 to appear and everything to settle down. My, I can't imagine having to wait so long now for something like that..... it took FOREVER to open files. Spent a day going through things but happily found what I needed. I know now to make complete proper backups of old machines. It was interesting to see some correspondence I had from back then. Some brought back som
  5. My friend used that - he loved it and is actually quite a competent guitarist now in a fairly short period of time. He said it was well worth the $200.
  6. Hmmm. So when WILL we get DECENT snowfall on Honshu? Still pretty low from the looks of things.
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