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  1. The temperature at the base of the No. 2 reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant fell below 100 C for the first time since the March disaster, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co. TEPCO said the temperature was 99.4 C at 5 p.m. Wednesday. This means TEPCO has brought the temperatures at the base of the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors at the crippled plant to below 100 C, meeting one of the two conditions for the reactors to be in a stable cooling state, known as cold shutdown. Compared with the Nos. 1 and 3 reactors, it took more time for TEPCO to cool the No. 2 reactor. On Sept. 14, the ut
  2. Those updates were funny, great idea. As for the Forums.... overwhelmed! But first impressions are that they look amazing.
  3. There was one on last night that went through all the conspiracy theories that was quite interesting, almost funny at times in some of the things people came out with.
  4. OK saw Mr Sunday last night after reading about it here. Pretty poor. Crystal does nothing for me I agree with the other people saying she kind of looks uncomfortable. They had a big jolly gaijin (who has turned Japanese) on, though.
  5. About twice a year, I need to send some money overseas and use the local bank. Today was one of those days. It took 45 minutes for them to sort it out and it usually takes ages. WTF takes so long? Is this common or are my bank just totally inept.
  6. But remember, oblivion, you don't get many 'french fries' in those cartons!!
  7. I was 'tricked' into eating it when I first came. Vile, even before I knew what it was.
  8. Are there any sexy summer beers (ala aki aji and winter story...)?
  9. Originally Posted By: Ocean11 Originally Posted By: soubriquet The probability is very low, but we don't know it, and it can't be calculated. Life isn't without risk. Well the probability of what actually happened wasn't taken into account in the design of Fukushima, but nevertheless it happened. And indeed, the probability of further major earthquakes happening is quite high, if the historical record is anything to go by. This Arnie chap isn't to be trusted as an authority at all, but inasmuch as his message is "it ain't over yet", you must concede, he does have point. The o
  10. My PC desktop that is. Files, icons, all over the place. What a mess that was. I've gone and put them all in folders off the desktop now with some shortcuts to important stuff, got myself a nice background image and defragged etc. All looking nice and also noticeably faster. I should really do this more often. Highly recommended!
  11. Originally Posted By: klingon And apart from being a train driver (of course)!
  12. Watched Hangover last night. Funny. I see there's a new Hangover set in Thailand coming soon.
  13. Thats the problem with running, well one of them for me, the lack of variation.
  14. And what is Super Cool Biz then, the t-shirt and hawaiian shirt thing?
  15. It would make the last day quite exciting though hey?
  16. I suppose it must be because you mentioned it but I didn't think that road was open in winter... I think Nozawa + Shiga Kogen make a great holiday.
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