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  1. The most annoying is "I don't have the money to pay". Actually no, the worst is "I am not paying".
  2. ... in terms of calories used say for example an hour jogging vs an hour skiing. Which would (generally) use up the most calories and be the better workout? Lets say the skiing is what an intermediate skier might ski, vague as that is).
  3. Luckily this time of the year with the heat and all I don't often feel like eating big volumes, so I usually lose weight naturally. The flip side to that is in winter I put it on, even if I exercise more.
  4. I have Windows XP on one machine and Vista Home on another. Didn't create a poll because I am sure I would have left something off. If anyone can do a proper all inclusive poll, please do!
  5. Always better when someone else reads and tell you how to do things. Ready manuals is pesky. As to Windows 7, one of the older PCs in our office has it going (the RC). Seems pretty good, though I must admit to never really getting excited with OSs.
  6. I heard a few teachers (JHS) complaining of overlap and boredom when the kids come up to JHS. Will be interesting to see how that all develops.
  7. They just ask tons for the tickets to be paid into some tax free account. And then blabber on about all they blabber on about (well, Bono anyway). Perhaps The Claw will pick him up like one of those end-of-pier things and put him in the bin.
  8. Love the little man icon with 3 legs on that
  9. Built up area, main road closeby. I think I'm on about a 7 perhaps.
  10. One of those things - don't know what it's worth.... but it's sure better to have it than not.
  11. Definitely. Only want it when you need it. Those cheaper ones are ok if they have one for your computer though.
  12. Ace. Love snooker. A dream to get 147. One that I have pretty much no chance of realising!
  13. OK so would you want to be traveling now on flights? Depends on where it is? I'm not keen at the best of times cooked up in a plane....
  14. This one's nice PRO series SH-04A But expensive
  15. Same here. I can put up with the 2 young kids next door - they are noisy sometimes, but during daytime. I can imagine I am the noisier when it gets to nighttime and late night sports etc
  16. Mates were into it at college and dragged me along (admiteddly very willingly!)
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