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  1. I'm with gg. It doesn't bother me that much but it doesn't create a good impression. Big companies going for big bucks probs don't much care about that, esp. in good times when they don't need the goodwill factor, but hey, thats the deal.
  2. Looks stunning muikabochi. Thanks for all the photos, they are always a pleasure to behold.
  3. Me too. always good to hear about new places. For all that heavy snow we had a while back, still not a huge amount hey. Lets hope this storm in the next few days brings some good snow with it.
  4. Not tried it but I saw it on tv once. Apparently it turns out pretty good. Be prepared for a lot of sweet-ness!
  5. It's fun. I like the Paper Mario one too. I much prefer something like that to these ultra 'realistic' FPSs.
  6. I like Burger King but that just looks awful. Actually, is it a joke?
  7. Seems like the in-place upgrade from like to like Vista seems pretty painless. Though having to do a clean install from XP is a tough one. So much work involved. I can understand why a clean install is better than an in-place one, but from what I have read the in-place results are pretty much the same as the clean in reality.
  8. I thought it dragged too. Then again, I have never liked Batman, it's a silly idea.
  9. We could have that in Japan in the tsuru rainy season - new market!!
  10. Just make sure it's "Overkill" and not "2 + 3" that you pick up. Overkill is way better.
  11. That Gunma dam thing was on tv this morning. Massive towers the've built there it seems. That's one big decision.
  12. Well there's always going to be stories like that isn't there. And probably many many more that are less attractive. But hey if you can get that idea and do it well and sell it well, good on you.
  13. Friend of mine, very talented he is too, is trying to survive doing what you suggest bobby down in Hiroshima. Having a difficult time of it too from what he has been saying, thinking of going back to salaried work.
  14. And I wonder how many $$$ they spend making that decision and the changes.
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