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  1. Steady for 3 years now. Not likely to increase unless I move somewhere. I'm not moaning though.
  2. Memories. Now, this year it's Chelsea's turn.
  3. Green Mile. Not as good as Shawshank but the same kind of vibe. I enjoyed it. Mad me sad at the end, somehow I was thinking of my own getting-older parents.
  4. Surprised there hasn't been more talk of this new mimimum number of "home grown" players rule that will come in next year. Quote: England's Premier League clubs have agreed new rules on the number of "home-grown" players in their squads. From next season, each club will, at the end of every transfer window, have to name at least eight "home-grown" players in a squad of 25. To qualify as home grown, a player will have had to be registered for at least three seasons at an English or Welsh club between the ages of 16 and 21. In addition, clubs have been warned to adhere to
  5. No plans yet. But there will be. And my flask and butties will be ready.
  6. Here's a shocker from today Mum attacked by killer chipmunk Quote: YOUNG mum told yesterday how she is too frightened to go in her garden - after she was attacked by a "killer" Siberian chipmunk. Roxanne Whelan spotted two of the snappy critters when she popped out of her house for a ciggie. One ran towards her and hopped on a sofa she keeps in the garden, a couple of feet away from her. Roxanne, 20, said: "It was staring right at me and wasn't frightened of me at all. The next thing I knew it was jumping straight towards me and went on the attack. I thought it
  7. As simple as it looked really good fun. Never surfed or anything like that before. Soon took to the boarding though.
  8. The footie community really is a great one. Chelsea are going to tell Terry to put a transfer request in if he wants to go to City. It would be scary if City really did become a force in terms of on the pitch.
  9. I spent a day at both Kusatsu and Manza this last winter, Srog. Great few days. Very different though. Kusatsu is very much an onsen town (check out muikabochis pics he posted) whereas Manza is basically just the resort/hotels. Both not particularly big places but when we went the snow was great and we had a good full day at both. I'd say like others that more than a few days for the skiing is too much, but definitely worth a look.
  10. Originally Posted By: flask and butties 10-15 would be good. Secretly hoping that 15 is possile. Got 16 in, helped by a full week in Hakuba.
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