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  1. Always good to walk round that kind of place though, especially if you have money in pocket.
  2. I'm contemplating the driving thing too. Sounds like a good idea to me, though it's more the cost that puts me off. Just as a ballpark anyone give me an idea of how much I might expect to pay for a small car for a week?
  3. The times I have been to Jimbotcho I have been disappointed. I was expecting more from the place, though perhaps I was a little early (November).
  4. Hi there Been lurking a bit and thought I'd just get registered and done with. I visit Japan fairly often on business and have been skiing in Nagano. Come February I will have some time and based in western Gunma - not too far from Kusatsu Onsen. I won't (as it is) have a car and wondering if Kusatsu skijo would be worth a week or if that is too long maybe and it is worth my putting the effort into going further afield - problem with that is the extra costs. I'm a fairly competent skier, but not looking for some huge wilderness adventure. A decent ski resort perhaps with so
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