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  1. @SKI: snow was good since it snowed last night. im probably gonna use this plan a few more times since kagura has one of the longest season in Near-Tokyo area. Only sucks that I get the same snowboard every time I rent. The rental shop in kagura doesnt seem to have a lot of snowboard stock....
  2. First an intro about my level> I am a pretty much beginner snowboarder, just started this season but I could say I am already in novice level since I can do linked turns on beginnner level slopes even at considerable speeds (I still fall sometimes though) and I'm still trying to learn Turns on intermediate to very steep slopes, still falling a lot. That said, I've been crazy on wanting to buy my own snowboard and I've done researching on my own and almost everyone says for beginners/novices, rocker boards and/or freestyle boards are best since they're forgiving, light, blah blah s
  3. I used this plan the other day to Kagura for 8,100 yen plus like a three hundred yen discount for board set rental. Sweet deal for me whose working days vary every week. I just check the weather report for the next couple of days, if its good, i book even as late as 1-2 days before. Also, not much people in the resort since its weekdays
  4. I also forgot to ask WHEN to buy snow gear... should I wait until winter (december) or should I go out there now? Thanks
  5. Originally Posted By: Jynxx It's off season now. You will get bargains anywhere! Kanda station and there are heaps of mountain gear and snow equipment there. Hi Jynxx, do you mean Kanda station in Yamanote line?
  6. where's a good place to buy snow board stuff specially clothes here in tokyo? preferably not to pricy...
  7. Originally Posted By: dyna8800 Tsugaike, hands down. Absolutely the best for beginners, with its gentle slopes at the base of the mountain, uncrowded on the left side. In Yuzawa, Iwappara is pretty good, mountain shape similar to Tsugaike. I was an instructor for a weeklong school ski camp there a few years ago. For reference, look at Ski Mapple or similar publication which lists all the ski runs (courses) with minimum and maximum slope angles. Have you taken any lessons? I see a lot of you are recommending Iwappara. It'll be the first place in my list next season... I have
  8. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Where did you go snowbone? In the area I live in, I would recommend Iwappara (in Yuzawa town). Hi Muikabochi! I went with friends to Hakuba Iwatake. Its a good resort and ill probably be back there once get the skills to pay the bills Dunno if it was the lack of snow this season or because its already March but i didnt really find any wide, gentle runs there.
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering which resort is best in Japan for a total beginner like me who wants to learn snowboarding. I know all resorts have so-called "beginner courses" but when I went to one (my first time snowboarding by the way), the courses weren't beginner at all. I can only slide on the literally bottom of the resort, which is near the gondola/lift boarding areas, as most of the beginner courses are too steep. Also even if I can practice in that small part of the beginner course, there is no lift to get me to the top part of that segment, so I have to ride the lift up t
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