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I think you're all just a little too geeky for my liking, but what the hell...


Many have already been covered, but what about: Blake's Seven

Red Dwarf

English dubbed manga - Marine Boy




And for the Aussies - Countdown


The Goodies and Dr Who are without doubt the best though.


I would really like to see some of the crappy aliens from Dr Who pop up in one of the Star Trek shows. It would be a laugh watching the Daleks or the Cybermen getting the shit kicked out of them.

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Rachael - our season kicks off on Saturday. Although it's going to be mainly on man made stuff it seems. But it normally is. They only open up this weekend because its a long weekend. Plus it's the grand opening of the new 8 seat chairlift!


Looking forward to this season.

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Will do cal will do.


However i will not have much access to a computer for about 5 weeks of the season as i'm going to be down there full time. The people we are staying with aren't going to bother getting a phone line connected as everyone has mobile phones. So i'll have to jump online at an internet cafe somewhere.

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MistaSparkle.....! nice one, glad u enjoyed the link! its so fun i remembered the theme song too!

sooo many memorys!


what does "natsukashii" mean??


i speak no japanese what so ever, a little german and thats bout it, english all the rest!

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The Littlest Hobo.

Puf'N'stuf ( the creators had one too many tabs of acid me thinks)

3 2 1 Contact

The Smurfs

Stig of the dump


Grange Hill

The Powers of Matthew Star





Open All Hours

oooh oooh what about " Some Mothers do have em" with Frank Spencer

MAn about the House

Goerge and Mildred

Hogans Heroes

Gilligans Island


Bottom (Rik Mayall) (very funny)

The 6 million dollar man


Only Fools and Horses

The Comedy company

Billy T James show (NZ)

Mcphail and Gasby (NZ)

The lost Island

A haunting we will go (NZ) with Count Homogenised (He was milk vampire)

Top Town (NZ)


did that list bring back a few memories ;\)

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Theres soo many i keep remembering...

the girly ones...

Rainbow Bright,

Care Bears,

My little ponys,

Strawberry Shortcake...


For those still thinking what else i advise you look at this site, it is memorys apon memorys apon memorys its got to be the webs best site....! have a sneek...





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no one mentioned the henderson kids - the series that shot kylie minogue to worldwide stardom, with unforgettable chracters like cowboy, and those others guys, and that bloke. the tv series equivalent to mad max. aaah the days...


they dont make telly shows like that no more.


well, maybe they do, i'm just not around to see 'em.

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Only Canadians will remember this one.




I have seen every episode. I like this show so much because it is just co Canadian and cheesy. It also used real life actors being that they were ugly. Not like the models on 90210

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