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  1. I GET SOOOO PISSED OFf DRiving (yes, I'm calming down now) In Japan. They donT regard any driving etiquette at all (but they are totally anal about jaywalking!!!) Why do I have to spenda full day at a lecture in Japanese just to get my license renewed, when they overtake on both sides, hog the outside lane when crawling along at 40 totally adjacent to a similar crawler and I cant squish by, 5 cars flip past a red traffice light, taxis drop dead in the middle of the road just coz they spot someone walking whi might want a ride, Yankee types (the Japanese version, not a slur)getroad rageif u ev
  2. Remember the Kobe kid who lured a youngster into the woods or somewhere and then decapitated him and left his head in front of the school? Can't remember the details but I remember the first profile they sent out while they were looking for the killer was that he was a male in his 30s. Turned out the killer was 12! (I think). He used to kill animals in his neighbourhood for fun and it grew from there.
  3. With KLM I've been overbooked 3 times, missed my flight due to connections being late (even though we were late coz of waiting for idiots too busy spending their holiday money in the duty free) 4 times (each time my plane was still there in front of me - I could see it - but they refused to let us on coz of security reasons that they had no time to get our suitcases from the other plane and hell, we could have realised they were going to do so so we'd have packed a bomb, a gun and a couple of knives just in case (no offence meant to anyone)) and every time I return to Britain my suitcases arri
  4. I had it coz it was on the menu when my dad came over and he wanted to try it (the rest of us hid behind the "it's already dead" argument for that night anyway). It tasted more like beef than anything else. Was pretty good but not something I'd order again. I've always been surprised at how available it is in supermarkets - any supermarkets and all over. I also can't understand the lies that are apparently told about them only being caught "for scientific experimental purposes". If they're told by the international community not to do it, then they shouldnt do it - it's not quite like tel
  5. I was worried about it looking horrible and that was why I refused to let him get one for ages but we got a black leather one and it just looks like a very comfortable office chair. I dont use it every night like he does but its really nice after a bath and better for me than a G&T.
  6. we got one at golden week and hubbie was on it every day for at least an hour (up to 3 on weekends). Anyway, after about 3 weeks he was at work and he suddenly couldnt move. He ended up having to go to the hospital right there and then. Now he's cut it down to the recommended 30 mins a day. He wont live it down completely though.....massage-sugi
  7. Bruvver is getting married there (long story) and so we will be going over for about 9 or 10 days. ANyone been? We want to know how much time to spend there, if we should just stay there or go somewhere like Cancun, Bahamas or other. Which hotel/area is best in Disneyworld itself or is it best to stay outside the Disney area? I loved Tokyo Disneyland but I think it could get a bit much if we stayed too long. I can even fathom the size of the place as it seems huge. Any advice/thoughts/warnings?
  8. The Muppets, The Golden Girls, Fresh Prince of Bel Air......wow! it's all coming back to me. Oh and The Tube.
  9. To Kill a Mockingbird, Watership Down, Wild Swans, The Kitchen Gods Wife, Captain Corellis Mandolin and the Anne Rice ones about the Taltos to name but a few.
  10. ermm, I think you'll be heading to Hiroshima or Shimane every weekend. My husband's cousin and her husband live in Imabari and they sometimes go to Kuma but more often than not they drive to Hiroshima, stay with us and we go to Mizuho, Geihoku etc (and Asahi Tenguston when we just want to practise quietly). The previous threads on Hiroshima slagged it off quite a bit, but I hadn't been till this season - Mizuho can rival a lot of places (but I haven't been to Nagano - only Hokkaido and Tohoku). From Matsuyama, you can drive on the ferry to Takahara or Hiroshima and then get on the moto
  11. Flash Gordon, that was what I was thinking about.
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