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  1. Baked beans. Yeah I know you can get them somewhere, but nowhere anywhere near me.
  2. I've been to almost NONE of them. This makes me feel bad.
  3. Thanks for that. Very interesting, cant wait to see this one.
  4. I used to when I was teaching. Not any more. Having Friday pm off is a huge bonus for the weekend.
  5. I like both actually. If there's no people and you're the first out, give me the course. Then I'll go off later on.
  6. Well it seems to be making a lot of money so far - and causing a big fuss. Come on anyone in the US - reviews please!!!
  7. A View to a Kill? Apart from the laughable title, Moore looked like he needed a wheelchair. Love scenes with Grace Jones and that blonde squeeker were side-slitting (unintentionally). And the less said about the snowboarding scene, the better. The only redeeming feature of that flick was Christopher Walken doing his best - he's always good is Walken.
  8. I went up to the mountains last weekend with a Japanese friend who is heavily into GENESIS . It was painful!! (Apart from some of the earlier stuff). He really wanted to give me a full rundown of Genesis's best hits, I think we got through 4 albums
  9. I saw it recently too - funny. He is a funny man. I think I prefer the whole concept of The office though, its just so well done.
  10. I think I remember someone saying they were on kokogahendayo a while back. Why did they cancel that show?
  11. I couldn't imagine doing that, I'm more a night person. Getting up at 8 is a struggle for me
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