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  1. RIJ - Interesting to hear about the problems you're having. I have basically the same gear that you have but with all the good things everyone says about flows, I' keen to give them a go next season. One of the tumblers on my bindings seems to be leaking lubricant and as it was the one that froze I reckon next year I might be due for a gear change. How does the responsiveness/comfort of the flows compare with the SI system? Also, how do you find getting into the flows in the deep powder? I guessing you're not using your HDs with the flows, is that correct?
  2. Ocean, I find it easier to push only one leaver and roll my foot out. As for your friend, having to lean on someone else indicates a remarkable lack of coordination. Are you sure he is Australian?
  3. Cayote, it has a lot to do with pers preference and what you're used to. I doubt there is any system that is completely trouble free (i.e. every system has some advantages and draw backs). I've had SI for two seasons now and would recomend them to most casual riders. Pros: You can step into them stright off the lift and slide away with the skiiers while your stap-on budies are sitting on their arses. You can skate along and step in on the move. No dangly bits to catch on things when skating. They are usually very easy to get into and out of, with no dangly strappy thi
  4. Yeah, Daley Thompson was incredible. Probably one of the greatest track and field athletes the world has ever seen. I guess you could also add Big Mig Induraine (sp?) and Edwin Moses. Guys that enjoyed a dominance for many years.
  5. You're right of course db. We are a bit obsessed with Sir DB. I'd like to change my nomination to Tim Henman. Granted he's not much of a sportsman, but he is nice chap and surely that must count for something.
  6. I was being facetious Siren. Clearly your ability to converse with adults is as deficient as your personality.
  7. Agreed. It's been a boring day, but perhaps not quite this boring. If you're ever heading to yuzawa sometime, let me know. I'll spot you the extra cash so you can ride in comfort for a change.
  8. I'll make this nice and simple for you Siren. I was suggesting that taking a very long and uncomfortable bus trip, when a far more convenient means of transport is readily available, is not a course of action I would recomend to anyone unless they had absolutely no choice, i.e. the person was simply unable to afford the extra Y5,000 (or whatever the price difference happens to be). In the context of an internet forum where the members are predominantly English speaking and the topic of discussion was travelling from Tokyo to the snow, it would be reasonable to assume that most people wh
  9. "I just thought it was a bit stupid to relate it to how much you earn" Sorry Siren, but I'm not the one who is suggesting that taking an o/n bus to the snow from Tokyo, when other far more convenient albeit slighly more expensive options are available, is a good idea. and yes, it is a particularly boring day at work today..
  10. only 4 times? - mate you're being ripped off I hate o/n bus trips and would pay quite a bit to avoid them. It's a nasty, brutish way to travel and should be used only as an absolute last resort.
  11. Ender - it is pretty expensive when you include the taxi to and from the resort, maybe a taxi to and from your house and tokyo station, the onsen, the beers, lunch and a couple of munchies during the day. It doesn't leave much from Y20,000. It's the shink ticket that gets you, if I had a car I'd probably be more inclined to drive to the resorts in Gunma or other places closer to Tokyo.
  12. Siren - mate, it just seems like a bloody lot of effort when for a very little extra the whole hassle could be avoided. Maybe if you're only source of income is a part time job in a combini, an o/n bus is a workable solution, but if you're a foreigner living in Tokyo and intending to take up skiing/boarding then its likely you're going to be able to afford to take the shinkansen. Either way, it's no bother, the more people on the buses means more free seats on the shinkansen. Ender - generally, if you buy the tickets early in the week, there are reserved seats available, otherwise, a qu
  13. Y11,800 includes return shink ticket. If you need to take an over night bus for a day trip, just to save an extra Y5,000 or so, then maybe you should look at taking up a different sport. At Yuzawa there are a few half decent resorts, not as good perhaps as those available from Nagano, but the convenience more than makes up for it. There are quite a few within a Y2,000 taxi ride (split the fare with a couple of mates and its nothing at all). A typical day is - Leave Tokyo at 7:00, on the snow by 9:00am, ski/board all day, a quick onsen before getting back on the shink at around 6:3
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