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  1. What is the attraction with popcorn anyways? I can't see the appeal.....
  2. Ozzy is a legend. I'm sure there are Japanese sites on him.
  3. Er, OK, so who are they? Why don't you just spit it out....
  4. Chelsea game was good. Good result too. Which "Reds" you support?
  5. Apple and grapes sink in jelly. Banana slices however, float to the top.
  6. This Japanese slipper thing is really intriguing. So do people wear public slippers then - ones that countless other people have worn? That even sounds smelly and gross just imagining it. Is that supposed to be clean or something? Whats the deal?
  7. Got sent me this....400!!!!! ======================== ORGY PROBE LAUNCHED A probe has begun into claims 400 Japanese businessmen had an orgy with 500 prostitutes in China. China's foreign ministry spokesman Kong Quan called the case "extremely odious" and urged Japan to "educate its citizens" on behaviour abroad. Chinese sensitivities were further insulted as the orgy is said to have taken place on the 72nd anniversary of Japan's invasion of mainland China. All the alleged businessmen came from the same firm and were on a company tour in Zhuai, near Macau
  8. Just another of those lists, load of rubbish if you ask me but an interesting read. What is it with the brits and this kind of list? Is it a brit thing or what? http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/page/0,10607,1053415,00.html
  9. Seriously, it is a big issue in many workplaces in the UK. People are divided into the smoking and non-smoking groups, it can get quite nasty actually.
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