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  1. Meeee 2. Headache. My girl will be on here soon, so you can add here. Still thinking of a good handle.
  2. Saw the first snow! Just not enough Yamagata Zao and Miyagi Zao or near each other, both on the border of the kens. I'm nearer Yamagata Zao - which is apparently better anyways.
  3. Well he's obviously not doing too much right. I've seen Japan play better. And the media was making so much of the fact that there was the "kaigai set" in there as well. I wonder how they were playing round that after the game
  4. I'm thinking about getting a car too but I can't really afford anything more than a 4th-hand K! So I'm just a bit worried that it wouldn't be suitable for where I am.
  5. I've been waiting for that Alien boxset for ages now, can't wait. I spend far too much money on these things.
  6. Sure, sounds good. Mail me anytime. Until the snow falls. .. .
  7. I'm not too far from Zao and looking forward to the winter. Anyone planning a trip up these parts? Let us know if you are! Cheers Tufs
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