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Hi folks.


Been a while since I visited the shrine of the snow life.


Apologies and bows and all that crap.


Here's one of the reason's why.


Meet two week old baby mogski.



Little guy is getting in practice for the cold winter days to come.


Got a pretty damn good life if you ask me. Eat, sleep, crap and have some wipe your butt. Pretty cruisy.

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Amazing, and to think that he's sure to be a snowboarder grommet after just one trip to the mountain with Uncle Badmigs!


I can hear it now.


"Daddy, I want a new Salomon board and Flow bindings just like Unca Badmigs!"



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Have you had to do 'akutori' in the bath yet? That's fun, believe me...


These are all a real scream too...

Whooping cough

Unspecified fever



Scarlet fever


Ring worm

Thread worms




(watch out for etc. - doctors often miss it)



Oh, and congraturations!

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