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Good movies you've seen recently

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Perhaps you should stop looking up your own asshole.

I saw Alvin and the Chipmunks 3.   I would like to kill all chipmunks and all people called Alvin.

I reckon he stole more than a loaf of bread. 100 more like

I saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on the plane over the pond. I was very pleasantly surprised! Not a challenging film by any means, but a great flick to relax to after a ferw beers on a Sunday evening kind of film.


Also saw:

The Fisher King: very mental- worth a watch, even if just once. Actually didn't think Robin Williams was that great in it. Jeff Bridges however was awesomely despicable.

The Lego Movie: Actually, meh. nice message, but the in-jokes didn't hold up for me.

Watchmen: favourite.

Snowpiercer: DON'T WATCH THIS ON A PLANE. IT WILL RUIN THE MOVIE. It just didn't make sense because of all the editing. I only watched it because the warning before the move suggested it wasn't going to be heavily edited. Seriously, think sunday-afternoon-edition-Robocop edited.

Watched Snowpiercer a few weeks ago not bad 3 snowballs

Saw The Giver last night again nothing flash 3 snowballs

Enjoyed the Butler though 4 Snowballs

Watching Inbetweeners tonight

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus


Watched this the other evening, quite enjoyable in a rather offbeat way. One character shared by Heath Ledger, Jude Law Colin Ferral & Johnny Depp. Throw in Tom Waits & Christopher Plummer & Lily Cole.

4 :clap: s

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Let's say that you mean at least 2000 times, given the plural:


At 136 minutes length that's 2000 x 136 minutes = 272,000 minutes.


That's a total of over 188 full days watching The Rock.


I suppose the exact total would depend on whether you watch all the credits at the end or not. And just how many thousands of times you have watched it.

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Me too!


You'd think that at least they would be more careful than usual if they stuck around.


Especially of that creepy music started playing in the background!


And/or if they wanted to have teen sex.



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