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SJ.C #2: In this case, I don't see a problem it would be amazingly difficult for somebody to find this post soon due to the number of posts that this thread gets. Also while FT may be a newbie to the forums, I believe that his motives aren't for sales ;\)

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Originally posted by Ocean11:
How about "Big Dump Hakuba"?
Sounds like a crap of a place ;\)

Also depends what type of accomm your offering e.g. is it a Lodge, Condo or Pensione set-up?

Europeanesque = Condo Fattwins (also sounds like a eastern european name!)

Americana = Lodge Fattwins

French/Japanese = Pensione Fattwins

web searches may make 'Accommodation Fattwins' a winner too.

You have my permission to use any of the above - as long as I get free life-accommodation! \:D
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> To my knowledge gamera has not once mentioned his place on the forums by name anyway, not in his posts or in his signature. The article about gamera is a totally different case. We wanted to interview him as he had an interesting story to tell.


Very true.




It's not hard to join the dots between gamera's postings and gamera's business, especially since the two are linked in the article. I agree it's an interesting story. It's the same story that Fattwins is pursuing at the moment. Enjoying both stories seems to me wholly consistent, and not really a question of advertising.


Anyway, as a user of this site, I'd like to state my preference for more input from relevant businesses, even if it involves a little covert advertising.

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  • SnowJapan Admin

The two are linked in the article, of course, but on the Forums gamera is not in the least bit blatant about it.


The bottom line is, as the owners of this site, in cases when we think someone is taking advantage of the forums we will make the decision as to what to do.


And just to be clear here, we haven't 'banned' or deleted anything in this thread and don't have a big problem with it.


Anyway, we really don't want to hijack this thread with this line of discussion....


Back on topic?



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Arguments in favour of "The Dump in Hakuba";


It dumps in Hakuba, that's why people go there.

You can just dump all your crap and get straight out on the hill.

Even if the place is, frankly, a bit of dump, what did you expect anyway? A friggin' pension with faux French food?


And if people find that it isn't actually a dump after all, they'll be happily surprised.

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anything with powder and japan goes right to niseko sites so I cant have that.


my net name pops up hits so I was thinking that was best. im known at tgr ski.au and of course here.its easy to link everything together plus I dont care about hiding. I didnt link this thread would see anyone else besides toque yama sava and maybe montoya or gamera posting. I never wanted to cause any problems

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Originally posted by sava:

the sava room
the toque room (with peephole)
the O11 room (for arguments)
the yamakashi room
Would that peephole be for looking in or looking out?
Yama's room is for eating cookies?
Sava's room is for ???
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Ive been told by cb to keep my mouth shut so the


yamakashi room would have to be a chill space.


For now the market is simple a cheap place to stay but I will reform it. Also most of the people there are return costomers from the old owner. HS seniors and college kids, that have been coming for a few years.


Ocean explain the Jump in Hakuba.


Also after I reform the place I could be looking to change the name.

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Before returning to fattwins, I'll go chronologically, based on what was already written here:


I like Waist Deep, but don't spell it Waste Deep

Nick & Hiro's

The Dump made my neighbors wonder why I was laughing


Pension Fattwins is nice too, and good point about websearch for accomodationfattwins, subzero.




fattwins@hakuba - not sure about the @ sign in there but depends on the clientele you're trying to attract.


Just "Fattwins" is nice too.


I think I'd call the domain fattwins.com or fattwins-hakuba.com or fattwinshakuba.com or hakubafattwins.com rather than having the "at" in there. Shorter and simpler is best for domain names.


"what's your website address mate?"



"fattwinshakuba.com" "okay, cool"


"fattwinsathakuba.com" "what? how do you spell that?"


Of course the domain will still depend on the final name.


So you won't be changing it yet forwhile then, Fatty?

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Since I wrote that message a whole bunch of rooms have been written (and yes, I have domain name experience too, having my own domain name, actually I have several).


Good point about return customers to the current name Toque.

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