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I saw a thread for last year, but what about this next season?


I haven't spent much time in Japan, certainly not as much as I would like to, but hope this next season I can get a good 3 weeks in.


My plan:


- 2 weeks in February in Nagano, checking out a few of the main places


- might sneek in a bit of Niigata too


- few days in Tokyo at relatives place

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My plan is to make the most of the peak season more than I did last year.


Outside of my are of Niigata, I want to try to get to the following places:


Alts / Nekoma




More of Tohoku... if possible.

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Not sure exactly how busy I'll be in the new business so can't commit to anything at the moment. We'll be working 7 days a week over the summer school holiday period here so hopefully I'll be able to take a break after that and spend a couple of weeks in Hokkaido. Might not be March till I can get over there though.

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