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  1. Well not the broken ankle, I'm sure! Hahahaha no the wonder of thinking you are in your 20's when actually you are in your mid 40's!!
  2. That beer was good! Thanks for your posts Mike! We took a day trip today to Otaru and had a great time. Mr Fonty had a Pilsner and a Dunkel and I had the Weiss Beer with the Rasberry Syrup! I am not normally a beer drinker but it was really good! Mr Fonty needed cheering up as his holiday on the slopes is OVER.............he has broken his ankle!
  3. Thanks for that! We will be there next year. I feel your pain though. Spent 7 winters dealing with that rubbish boarding the Portes du Soleil. I will be sure to take advantage of my trip to Japan in two weeks
  4. I am totally with Chriselle. Did the same with our two. The Midget (#2 son) started at two and a half, though I lied about his age. Kids always seem to do better when the parents are not there. They don't take long and they are there beside you. Then they grow and get better than you and call you a slow coach! Well me anyway
  5. Woohoo! Winners are grinners! Thank you Andrew and everyone at SJ. Great early birthday pressie! Three weeks today I will be 40 and in Niseko! Yoop yoop
  6. I have been watching the cams.....until I couldn't see anymore. Looked like you got a real belting. The best cam to check the snow fall and still be able to see was the Furano town site. Lucky ducks. You will hopefully have a great day tomorrow!
  7. Do you think the lifts will start turning this weekend Mike? I am going to live vicariously through you guys for the next few months...........little pleasures while I sit in my office working away here in Perth!
  8. Hey MikePow those pics looked great! I have been watching every morning for new updates! Can't wait, only two months and we will be there.
  9. You could also buy a five hour pass for the Hirafu Hanazono area as well. We have never bought our tickets online prior to arriving. If you have pre purchased a Niseko United pass and the weather is bad, the crossing to Niseko Town and Annapuri may be difficult or even closed. You have then wasted your money on a ticket for places you can't get to. My advice would be to buy as you go and how you are feeling that day. We paid with the credit card each time and never had to have the 1000 yen deposit in cash and it wasn't frowned upon. The advice anything gives above is spot on in my experience.
  10. My hubby bought those wellies from Homac next to the Max Value in Kutchan last year. He bought those wetsuit type socks as well, but his feet still froze. He comes from Switzerland so is pretty used to the cold. He has invested in the Sorel Caribous this year.
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