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Terrible, terrible movies that are worth watching

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A Bridge Too Far


Saw that the other night. High expectations of what I remember a war movie should be about.


Very dissappointed and also remembered what a disappointing film it was when I first saw it. Dis-jointed story telling, ad-hoc scenes thrown in to accomodate stars who appear at random.


I mean, that James Caan one when he lifts a dead officer from the field and drives through enemy lines to the field hospital to make the surgeon save him at gun point. What?????


A movie of a hundred of stars, none of whom allowed to shine.

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haha yeah the Rock is ok. I bought it for 500 yen outta Book Off. Nic Cage is a cheesy fool of an actor.....gone in 60 Seconds....I cringe everytime I watch it (still watch it though!! smile )

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