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Terrible, terrible movies that are worth watching

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Originally Posted By: griller
Black Rain

Crap but worth watching for all the tired American/Japan/cultural stereotypes every few seconds or so.


no its bloody well not!!! Black Rain is quality!! smile
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I didn't like Kill Bill either. In fact, I didn't wait until the end.


I remember Rising Sun being pretty entertaining though. Was Sean being Scottish in that one? wink

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I must admit, I'm kind of fascinated with this Fox Movies channel. It is bad beyond belief the dross they show. I sometimes just tape a bad sounding one to check over.


Today it was the turn of The Abominable


Words cannot describe the stunning lack of skill involved in making this film


Do you want a movie with a large group of unappealing actors? Constant extreme close-ups of these actors to cover up the fact that the sets are terrible? Special effects that wouldn't fool a small child? If so, then this is the movie for you. Follow our completely uncharismatic cast of one-dimensional characters from one set to virtually the same set as they embark on a painfully boring and nonsensical journey to... do... something, for some reason. It's not terribly clear at any point, but it has something to do with a man in a white gorilla suit whose height varies from eight feet tall to about forty stories over the course of the film.


Truly, Abominable is a film surpassed only by... well, virtually every other film ever made. And, I've seen "Butterfly Effect."


That's a review and I couldn't have written much better. It truly was utterly horrendous.


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