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  1. Sorry if has been brought up in other threads, Is information up yet for us mountain hoppers. Looking to start scoping for best deals on mountain passes. Anyone in the same boat? Looking for a pass that covers a good amount of mountains. Used to have the Myoko pass, but got burnt out during the season going to the same mountain every weekend. Cheers, Frank
  2. Yah, Hakuba is a great spot, The best if you like long days of hitting the slopes and long nights hitting the clubs. Definitely got that on my road map of things to do. Only a few more weeks till we start seeing the winter wonderland show up in these parts
  3. Snow tires are a softer compound of rubber than normal street tires in order to grip better in colder weather. Using regular tires in winter is like trying to drive a greased pig with ice skates. You can use studless tires in summer but their lifespan will be drastically reduced quicker and possibly making them unsafe for winter. If I recall the bare minimum for snow tires should be no less than 5mm of tread. New tires are usually around 9-10mm. Another thing that many overlook on studless tires is the manufacture date. Since they are softer, they tend to dry rot faster than regular tire
  4. Awesome idea Snowjunky, If SJ came up with some type of calender format for your idea with (+ "insert number here) on the dates. Something like you get on the iphone when you have missed phone calls, it displays how many missed calls from the main icon. People could browse the dates / who's going to what area / carpool or any other information, people could possibly link up with others easier. We all know that forums can get messy after about a page or 2.
  5. It's that time of the year where many start creeping back into the SJ forums, and itching for some snow pron (as well as cheesemans "cheese of the day" / still around?) Want to welcome all the newcomers as well as seasoned veterans. SJ forums look great with the new sexy logo. If any newcomers are looking for advice on Nagano, I have MANY years of experience in the region. Fire away with any questions. We long-timers here have good knowledge of the area as well as hints and tricks to help save money for those who are travelling on a limited budget. I will also be scouting for new
  6. The American (George Clooney) I think the fit the whole dialog of the movie on less then 5 pages of A4 sized paper. Stagnant pond water moves quicker then this movie.
  7. I had to pay 2man for a renewal (contract/paperwork) but I assume that it was normal. On top of it renewal of my renters insurance about 2man. Havent heard anything of the sort of what was on NHK. I do have an annoying company that calls me every once and awhile telling me I need to pay another 2man for some form of renters insurance. Basically if I fail to pay for my rent, the company covers the landlord. Sorry, I have paid 3months in advance of money I will never see again, as we all know. If that is not enough insurance, tough luck. I actually know my landlord, whom is a
  8. To answer ROB's question. I believe it is the same scenario as adults raising their hands to cross the street. Where do they learn it/enforce it? Kindergarten. I guess some habits they never grow out of. Same goes for the crawling inside the urinal to do buisness.
  9. Your best bet is Yamada Denki or K'S Denki. I am an electonics geek, so I know all the places to look. What are you looking for in specific, SLR's, lenses, accessories, etc?? You can also find cheaper ones used at the recycle shops. Usually the quality of the cameras are new and par to what you can find in the retail shops for a cheaper price. If you need more help, give me a shout.
  10. 12th seems to be the magic number for many around nagano. Same for me. going to try and get back on the slopes a few more times before work starts.
  11. just got around to watching it in telesync :ninja:. I would like to see it in 3d though. Not a bad flick. I reckon I will have an excuse to make a weekend trip out to Tokyo and place that on the list of things to do. I found the theater in Okaya but it is out in the middle of nowhere. No sense making a 4 hour round trip just to see the movie.
  12. Just watched the movie the other day. Story seemed to be going fine in the beginning, but stumbled into a confusing mess mid film on. The concept is interesting though. Through their ill fates happening right before THE BOX arrived played a major factor in their decision. From a philisophical way of looking at it, We currently PRESS THE BUTTON in real life everyday. Me being American, I can see this from our failed health system. Money is far more important to all then the health or life of someone. If you dont have the money, crawl back into the little hole you came from and suff
  13. Heya, all. Got a question about the upcoming movie. I am looking for a cinema around Nagano that is featuring the 3d version of Avatar. Was kinda down due to the fact that it is a modern cinema here in Nagano. I called the Nagano grand cinema and they only have it in 2d. Was kinda down due to the fact that it is a modern cinema here in Nagano. I am willing to travel to other areas to get to see the movie. Any movie buffs here have any info. Would be grateful for help. Thanx, Frank
  14. I was skeptical on getting a pass this year due to the prior season and now with the weather as it is I am in the market for a season pass. I havent seen a compiled data listing on multiple mountain passes (super passes), so looking for info from fellow SJ'ers. Any info would be helpful, thanks
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