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  1. Another motorcycle guy here. I love riding, hate adult helmet laws (I support helmet laws for minors). I bought a helmet this year and from this point on I will wear always wear it, but I do not support any helmet laws for non-motorized sports. My basic view is that people should be able to choose if they want protection or not... I would support helmet laws for minors doing non-motorized sports if there were some rational way of controlling it, but there isn't (snowboarding/skiing/skateboarding/bicycling/rollerblading). It comes down to 2 simple questions: Who would be responsible in the eve
  2. Thanks, this is an awesome plus to snowjapan Well now that I made it all the way trough this thread... my comment seems a little trite after SJ Andrew's post...
  3. I really want to be the same. Beginning this year I am going to try harder to figure out where, keep the names of resorts and runs somewhat straight in my head... that's one of the reasons I'm going to focus on a few resorts this year... in the past seasons it's been more of a joining people that I am loosely associated with and following them around (snow clubs, mixi clubs, work clubs, friends of friends)... this year I've got a nice core group and I'm driving.
  4. But not that many mountains really have "joined resorts", do they? Shiga Kogen.... Hakuba 47/Goryu.... what others? I know Norikura and Cortina are... and I think there maybe more linked in there... I'm sure there are more but none come to mind.
  5. For me, I'm going by unique day passes I've bought... On mountains with joined resorts I often have no idea which resort area I'm at.
  6. Hmm... I think that's it... Niseko Shiga Kogen Kagura/Naeba Hakuba 47 Cortina/Norikura Gala Shiga Kogen Hakuba Goryu Ishiuchi Happo-One Joetsu Kokusai Karuizawa Tanigawadake
  7. I grew up in a pretty snowy area... my 2cents, if you are driving a 4wd, don't overbreak the tires can't get a grip when you break, once you get into some snow try and find a safe place to mess around a little in; practice breaking/accelerating and sliding (always turn into your slides)... just a few minutes so you get the feel for the car.
  8. AHH! That's the place, I went there.. I loved it... I went with a friend last year, but I couldn't remember where it was. He just put the telephone number for the ski-jo in my Navi... and I drove... I have to go back there!
  9. Will definately have to spend a day in mogul heaven! @Tubbybeaverinho -> Where in Gunma do you recommend (I have a car so transportation is not an issue).
  10. Thanks ! It seems like Yuzawa is the place to be, I hit Kagura at the beginning of each season (but never really went back after that), and I know I have been to Gala a few times... but I don't remember it at all... In past years I think I prefered closer to Tokyo places, but it's really not that much farther.
  11. @Griller, hmm I think you are right, way too vague... I can't seem to edit or delete this topic though. I will try and be more specific in the future. @muikabochi - Driving
  12. Last year I went snowboarding pretty much every weekend... I mainly just bounced around checking resort after resort. The problem I barely remember any of the resorts I hit... this year I would like to narrow my focus so I can learn the resorts. I'd appreciate recommendations for Nagano, Niigata, or Gifu. I like powder, moguls, parks, off-piste, back country and speed Thanks,
  13. Haha dooh... I was wondering. I'm in Tokyo and the tire shops are pretty packed starting in early december so I like to get it done mid-late November, but I don't really want a ticket... though the chances of the Tokyo police stopping me for snowtires seems kind of slim...
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