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This year I thought I would create a special "Cheese at Resorts" Gallery.   At the moment, myself along with Cheesewoman, Cheesegirl and Cheeseboy are at Nozawa Onsen in Nagano. Lovely place, but

A tale of 4 baby cheeses - Pt 1   I heard a small voice calling to me from the convini at Furano, it sounded like it was coming from a 4 pack of baby cheese. The cheese asked me for a ride to the s

Ok, the Horuyoi I understand coz you must have had a chick along... but the Nodogoshi? Wtf, I thought only homeless dudes drank that!! And, aren't those cans a little small for proper hanami viewing

Roquefort Société and Petit Valençay goat cheese at Naeba, 24 March 2013:



Roquefort Société and Petit Valençay having some Kanazawa Curry at GoGo Curry:



Roquefort Société and Petit Valençay getting their bearings in the mist at the top of the #1 gondola:


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Good work Metabo! :thumbsup: Here's my contribution from a mid-week trip to Tsugaike Kogen - a slab of trusty ol' British Stilton! :yummy: Apologies for the cling film but it was warm out there and my cheese was suffering! :D






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I hope it got out to breathe at some point!


Not until the next morning by which time it was only fit for an omelette! oishikatta yo~ :yummy:



Whats those big poles on the right? A golf practice range?


I don't recall there being a golf range there and there's nothing on the piste map, so maybe the fencing's just protecting those trees behind. :wakaranai:

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Remember folks:


Remember to take your cheese to ski resorts (many don't sell cheese, so you need to take);


Take photos of said cheese at ski resorts;


Upload here!


I look forward to lots of new contributors this season.

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