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This year I thought I would create a special "Cheese at Resorts" Gallery.   At the moment, myself along with Cheesewoman, Cheesegirl and Cheeseboy are at Nozawa Onsen in Nagano. Lovely place, but

A tale of 4 baby cheeses - Pt 1   I heard a small voice calling to me from the convini at Furano, it sounded like it was coming from a 4 pack of baby cheese. The cheese asked me for a ride to the s

Ok, the Horuyoi I understand coz you must have had a chick along... but the Nodogoshi? Wtf, I thought only homeless dudes drank that!! And, aren't those cans a little small for proper hanami viewing

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Hot pepper string cheese contemplating box at Grandeco, 2014.2.11:




Hot pepper string cheese saying hi to long-lost cousin cheese takoyaki at Grandeco:



Hot pepper string cheese about to enter the Center33 mogul course at Grandeco... but hang on, somebody is upside down??



Ah, that looks better:


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Second page, people, let's get it together!


Kuchidoke Cheese Tara Jukusei Cheddar Cheese rooting for Takeuchi in the slalom (in vain, as it would eventuate seconds after this photo was taken):



Kuchidoke Cheese Tara Jukusei Cheddar Cheese dreaming dreams of Olympic glory the next day at Grandeco:


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Ski: They taste, actually, kind of sweet. Not really cheddar-like, have to say.


DoctorOctopus: they are pieces of cheese AND a snack. Versatility is their middle name.


(Not really. Tara or Jukusei, I guess, would be their middle name.)

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