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oh the pressure of an avatar!!! eek.gif


someone already stole grover... that was my newschooler's avatar, super grover... not that that matters since snowjapan is way cooler!!!


ok, will do it now since jared has stopped hogging the computer (and is finally sorting the cds he was meant to do months ago... :rolleyes: )



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lol.gif @ gollum


echineko, avatar definition:




in the context of this forum, its this:


1. An image representing a user in a multi-user virtual reality (or VR-like, in the case of Palace) space.


So an avatar is literally your virtual self - a representation of you. how you want others to see you in the virtual world. it could be a simple image (like on this forum) or a virtual 3D character in some cyberspace of the future... (its a popular term in cyperpunk literature).

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I'm glad I got to see Plucky's "interesting" avatar before it was changed.

Gosh, Plucky you must have got it done at the same place as JJ, it certainly looks a lot like hers. Please let me know where you got it done, I want one too!

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