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  1. yes i am the snowboarder formerly known as alferg how r u le spud, formerly known as db, aka ring-pull? here's my official renaming thread from 2003. you can still call me alphonse if you like http://www.snowjapanforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi/topic/1/4209.html?
  2. the ones Tony Montana chops with his hand fom the Bolivian mountainon his desk in this scene!
  3. ooh, ohh - what did i win???? Quote: Originally posted by SnowJapan.Com#3: We haven't heard from alferg, toque or Bushpig yet - give us a shout if you want to claim your goodies. You've got until next Friday!
  4. WOOT WOOT!! its me - my login here is alferg. i must thank hakkouda-san for blessing me with 1 of its 2 allocated clear february days! i must say, it was impossible to take a bad photo that day thanks for pinging me about this fattwins - i was already on cloud 9 as this is my 2nd last day of work for the next 3 months - now on cloud 99!! Quote: Originally posted by veronica: Love those photos, alferg. Sanno "Hey I won" - are you alferg?
  5. what ragdoll said. it takes more energy to do the electrolysis to seperate the water than you get from the hydrogen. so its not a solution unless you are creating the initial energy from solar/wind/wave/geothermal energy. it pi$$es me off that the media makes out its free energy... the story is probably funded by the US government to stop people worrying about the impending energy crisis...
  6. it certainly looks like NZ is well & truly ready for their official opening dates this season from www.snow.co.nz It will be one of the best openings ever at Mt Hutt with snowmaking and natural falls creating excellent early season coverage. (23/05/06)
  7. The fleeting beauty of an early dump... Sweeeeeet! Going... Going... Going... Gone!
  8. Aussie Alps today - 30cm! & still 1 month until the official season start. Dudes hiking up at Falls Creek, 7th of may Dude skiing, Falls Creek, 8th of May Thredbo wrapped in its winter blanket
  9. that's really cool of you! PM done. now we need to co-ordinate the promised beer Quote: Originally posted by Team snow bee: LPL pm me with what I need to do to put you as recommending it to me
  10. I've got a week already booked for the start of August I just bought my Thredbo club card. Anyone here buying one for the first time this season? put me down as your friend who introduced you, & I get an extra 3 points towards a free day... I'll buy you a beer if you do it
  11. a friend of a friend bought land in niseko, fairly central, in 2004 - its worth triple now apparently... out of curiousity, i've taken a peek at the (numerous) real estate pages, & the prices are huge - in fact they are quite similar to sydney real estate prices.
  12. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: Has anybody seen 'V for Vengeance'? i seriously loved this - i think it just became my favourite film ever! so full of strong political themes! power to the people!
  13. i've heard cadrona is pretty intermediate. if u want some serious NZ action, hit the cantebury region club fields - they are awesome, but the rope-tows are murder... http://www.chillout.co.nz/home.asp
  14. Quote: Originally posted by Mr Wiggles: How can you have goths in Australia? It's far too warm! i know! people do it though. you can be goth in shorts, it just takes some imagination. thanks for reminding me about the cult. i gotta get some more old cult tunes. they rocked! i hear ya re. the cure -> electroclash. i think a lot of dance music is derivative of stuff the cure was doing way back.
  15. ah yes, that old bauhaus classic still sends shivers up my spine... it was used so effectively in the vampire film, "the hunger". nobody ever made a gothier song - it sounded like it was recorded in draculas castle! i reckon teenagers will always be drawn towards that exploration of their darker side, so goth will always be around in some form. where i spent my "formative" years in brisbane, queensland, goths were called "swampies". i was a bit of a swampie, but i was only 16 & wasnt into the make-up or anything... living in the southern burbs, i was lucky i was never bashed, cru
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