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  1. ok, i'm not a expert on this topic, but maybe i can provide some helpful info... had a bad knee for a while... 5 years, wear one of those neoprene braces you buy from the sports stores... knee does a crackle pop every now and then that puts me on crutches... anyways, did it real good in december and now have had lots of visits to the doctor, physio and orthapaedic surgeon... acl is ruptured and meniscus is torn... going to have surgery this year - not the keyhole type... the doctor told me that the brace i had been wearing for sports doesn't really do anything. people wear them (me
  2. well, it's been a long time since i posted on snowjapan since leaving japan, but i just had to after reading this. it's the same old tired whinging and whining about skiers by snowboarders and vice versa. its just like the surfing and bodyboarding thing. get over it. i have very good friends who do both. we ride together, respect each other and have a whole lot of fun. don't waste your time thinking you're better than someone else because of what they choose to stick on their feet.
  3. i think the leatherman would squash them both
  4. well, i just had my last official working day (with classes to teach etc) at school - still gotta go in on monday for no particular reason except i have to. yep, i'll admit i cried a bit when i had to do my speech... funny how i've been looking forward to this day for so long, and now it just feels surreal to have actually finished... i will really miss some of my kids - i always get along with the strange, but funny ones! ...sounds like we'll have to keep track of who's coming so we don't get over booked in canada
  5. Dont buy a cheap tripod like I did - try and get a better one with meatl bearings etc.. so the movemnet is smooth. I got a platic one and the movemnet was jerky and awful. They are a little expensive but you can find them is second hand shops.
  6. 170ish days in about 5ish years... 150 of those days in japan over the last 3 years was pretty crap when i got here, though i thought i was pretty good
  7. how come no one is downloading from me? it's open and the dot in the corner is green...
  8. OK its working now - I dont know why download away!!! I should be able to give it up at 50kbps Its now showing any other seeders though
  9. in mizusawa, not far from here, there is a hair salon called "CLAP"... in ichinoseki, a pachinko place called "OH MY GOD, Pachinko Slot" or something near that...
  10. easy to ask for criticism when you're not the one who made 95% of the movie captain i suppose it would help, but there was still so much more i wanted to do, but no time and a crummy computer!!!! really!
  11. i'm not an expert, i just drink stuff if i like it i must say that adding water and ice for me eliminates that volatile (in the scientific sense) kinda alchohol vapourish effect you get with straight spirits when drunk straight and i can better enjoy the flavour. having said that, i had an excellent tequila shot a wee while back, it really did taste good!
  12. i had a whiskey and water at a little bar in hanamaki last weekend... that's where i decided that i really liked it... a nice glenfiddich special something or other... this is the girl who didn't drink beer or winein nz and only liked sweet drinks... Quote: Been there, done that. The next comparison is this: Having dinner at home with the Captain knowing that everybody at the enkai hates you vs. being at the enkai hating yourself. Go on, give it a whirl. huh? what are you talking about? why would everybody at the enkai hate me? i thought they really like me... i really l
  13. who would have thought that it would taste so good and refreshing? i only drank it partly out of desperation because there was no other option besides asahi super dry at our school enkais... but i'm enjoying one right now... which is probably the reason why i would start such a dumb thread
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