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  1. The Wire is excellent. Love that program. A bit more lightweight but Prison Break is good fun too. On Season 2 now.
  2. Any of the esteemed members of these forums live in the extreme eastern part of Hokkaido? I'll get the name later but a friend of mine is from there, it's remoter than remote and I'm really looking forward to go visit. Surprisingly (to me) he says they don't get much snow there.
  3. The End of Faith - just started it myself. I'm really getting into reading books like this nowadays..... really gone off reading novels.
  4. He sounds like a stubborn old bastard. Best to just leave it, you are not going to change someone like that.
  5. Sorry I can't understand all this vague code like story. Bottom line - was there any shagging? (Can I say that?)
  6. Quote: Dont film warm up runs/jumps I dunno I have some of my best stuff from that. Less pressure and more comical moments as well. Then again, batteries isn't such an issue as we don't really take that much. It's always ends up seeming like too much hassle.
  7. The bit I heard he seemed to be saying that French was not worth of being an "international language" (?), because they "think of" the number 94 as being: 2 x 20 + 14 (which it is, of course)
  8. Not positive news this: Tokyo quake fault 17 km shallower than thought The earthquake fault beneath the Tokyo metropolis is much shallower than previously thought and thus potentially more dangerous, according to a report in Science magazine released Friday. According to the report, a joint study conducted by the University of Tokyo's Earthquake Research Institute, Chiba University and other institutions shows the depth of the inland fault, which produced the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, may be about 17 km shallower than previously estimated. "A shallower earthquake source f
  9. I have never been turned away from anywhere. What did they say when they turned you away?
  10. Yes boots are very important I remember the first time I got custom moulds it was such a great feeling. I don't know how anyone can not do it now.
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