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1. Hartlepool, England eek.gif

2. Ahmedabad, India confused.gif

3. Suez, Egypt \:\(


No wait, hold on, those are the WORST cities in the world.


Ok, here goes again, serious this time...


1. Bohol, The Philippines cool.gif

2. Galle, Sri Lanka \:\)

3. Florence, Italy :p

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How can people honestly rate Paris! I've never met such arrogant, cold people in all my life!I'll never go there again. The only city I've ever visited in the world where the locals couldn't give a rats about being friendly or welcoming in any form. The food and wines over-rated too.

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How can people honestly rate Paris? Well, if that's what they think then it's fair game, ain't it?


Don't you think that might just be your opinion based on your experience hey?


I've been to Paris a few times and loved it, don't know where you went or why you seemed to dis it so much. But hey, quite a few people like it, so it can't be that bad?

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