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  1. Yep..... just saw it on the evening news! much of sydney (and southern parts of the state) was covered by up to 6 inches of hail in storms over the past day. so naturaly - out came the boards.
  2. Hmmmm airbags werent deployed... warranty work/litigation for sure. but seriously... note the tacho still sitting on 2000rpm & the speedo still on around 100km/ph.. is that some kind of black box/tell tale tool audi put in their vehicles?? or is the little A3 still in shock??
  3. Quote: Originally posted by Dear Britain: Quote: Originally posted by Lama: we had - by Oz standards a 30cm dump in total. 30cm is 30cm isn't it? Yeah meant to say that it was a dump by Oz standards - 30cm in total..... long day at work after a weekend of riding - all came out in jibberish
  4. Yeah i jusst spent 3 days, 1 @ perisher - no snow that day, & 2 @ thredbo) where we had - by Oz standards a 30cm dump in total. which filled in quite a few lines and tree runs tht i've rarely ridden. all in all a pretty productive weekend. it was nearly worth the copious amounts of cash you have to shell out for a weekend @ the snow here in Oz. our season has been pretty good here so far....
  5. Mogski - must say.... very jelouse.. i was there in Melbourne yesterday and only had general entry - would have killed for pit/corporate pass like i've had previously at similar events. hob-nobbing with the rich and famous oh and the ladies would have been great. so if the Bahrain thing pulls off - then make the most of it!! must say though yes it was a pretty boring race with schuey leading from beginning to end. hope the rest of the season heats up a little!!
  6. Yeah i can vouch for chamonix..... absolutely amazing!!! loads of varying terrain (up to 1300-1400m of verticle in some areas!!!, good night life an the scenery is second to none!! highly recommended;)
  7. ok so thats a bit neandalithic..... but seriously there are some people who shoot shoot skip for a living, but shooting is an olympic sport so its goota be OK
  8. aimi...we have a gun cause we like shooting s##t........ WHY ELSE WOULD WE why do you you AVE a computer..... strokes for folkes... what is your living..... skippy just puts is hed up so we go pow!!!!! $70 bucks a skin
  9. oh you live in such a perfect world with that kinda attitude Mr fattwins.... the more you restrict guns... the more they become available!!!!! oh if it were only that simple!!!! dont get me wrong.... the people who are gonna go crazy with them will get a hold of them any way.... not us gun owners....we will be the ones who are restricted!!!
  10. Well arn't you just soooooo Swiss Mr SBF.... you should be neutral.... gwoon take a side
  11. ooooh i think we've just opened up a whole can of worms sniper! to answer the question - yes i am a gun owner i think this one will end in an "agree to disagree" situation.
  12. I just knew you couldnt let it lie Barok.... as soon as i saw the seppo word (which i was actualy going to use - but wasnt in a s**t-stiring mood) i knew you would be soon to rise up!!! predictable
  13. you know the yanks SF.... bigger is better!! "we've got one like that at home only its much bigger"
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