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  1. Friend of mine is in Japan now and he brought an ipad with him. It sure is a good looking machine and the display is very pretty. But it's basically an expensive toy and not for me.
  2. Totally don't understand it and it's appeal! Noisy, smokey, losing money... ugg, can't think of many things worse to do in spare time.
  3. Sad story and I have a relative fighting it at the moment. All very worrying. Keep happy and healthy!
  4. I am going to spend 2 weeks in southern Germany and Austria.
  5. Hi folks, Can someone in the know give me an idea of how long a drive from Hakodata to Niseko would take? Is 3 hours or so about right? A look on google maps seems to say that, but hoping for some people feedback! Thank you. Reason I am asking is a friend is moving to Hakodate and I am thinking about my plans.
  6. I have been out of Japan for a lot of winter, but did get to spend 5 days in Hakuba in January. Great time, even thought it was short.
  7. Just the 6. But I will be trying out a few new places this winter. Going up to Iwate and Aomori.
  8. Hi there Can kind soul tell me when the Chinese New Year holidays will be in 2010? Usually around the 2nd week of February, right? Thank you!
  9. I don't know my holidays from work yet and so can't really prepare anything other than a few weekends. I'm hoping to get at least a week off in late January though.
  10. I'm sure you can. On mountain food? Got to be chocolate in almost any form acceptable.
  11. Hey how far does Iiyama stretch? Isn't both Madarao and Kijimadaira in Iiyama?
  12. They look like a lovely couple. Congrats on all those babies too.
  13. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads Face tattoos aren't nearly as cool as zips in tongues Is that photoshopped or actually real? Wouldn't put it past someone!
  14. Nursing yes. That looks so difficult, I just couldn't cope with that. Essential as it is.
  15. Will these new movies still require those silly glasses?
  16. Hi skier1 and welcome. Thanks for the pics. I'll be taking some this season. Will be early January before I can get out. Hope you have a good new year.
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