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  1. I have had a few good days this season, but it has been very mild I think. Many skijos haven't really experienced 真冬 conditions which is sad.
  2. Yes it's actually a bit boring for me though the top part is usually good when there is fresh snow. I prefer more of a challenge, but I'm with the family, so... !
  3. When we were there last week we saw many truck moving snow, perhaps this for this reason. I hope they get good snowfall soon.
  4. Last week my family went to Yuzawa and Iwappara resort. I think it is a good place for beginners and my younger daughters really enjoyed it. Snow was not so good, I feel more like March than January and I feel not so much more than weeks before when we were at Joetsu. I worry about this season how long they will open if we do not get more snow soon. It was also very quiet. But we enjoyed the pizza in Pittore, it is good restaurant!
  5. My laptop is quite powerful one and my normal battery lasts just over 2 hours. It's ok though, because I don't usually need it without adaptor.
  6. My children love the Wii machine but even more so the DS. I try to limit their time with it.
  7. Good morning. My family now deciding where to go this weekend.
  8. Wonderful photographs. My family and I really like Nozawa Onsen. There are good wide slopes for my children to enjoy and I can spend some time with more challenging runs on the other side. The village is good also, we like the onsen.
  9. I will be going with my family in February. Hope you enjoy it, good place!
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