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  1. I got all my shit packed up and I'm waiting to go at 10 to 4. Leave my desk at 3:58 cause it takes 2 min. to get to the door at 4 on the dot. But, I gotta get on the train about 6a.m. up at 4:45 every morning.
  2. I'll prolly come check it out, I also have a couple friends who may wanna go. I actually work like a 5 min. walk from there, and my friend lives damn near across the street lookin at the map, so I'm sure we'll be able to come. I'll PM ya 2mrw.
  3. Quote: Originally posted by coldcat: By the way, what does it have to do with this topic? If it was a joke, I didn't get it. Chill brah, Are you serious? since when does anything stay on topic? It has everything to do with this topic anyway. It seemed that the squito's were gone, but since it's warmed up again I've been noticing them all over the damn place. How long does it take to show symptoms of Malaria anyway?
  4. I stopped there once on my way to see Phish at Alpine in 98'. Also my car didn't have a stereo so I'd always listen to headphones while driving so... pretty strange.
  5. WantToSki, I'm totally down to join for some of those trips if ya don't mind. Do you drive or taking the train/bus ?
  6. Oh man, that must be like a ?31? I would say your chances are very slim to none. Even more rare would be to find those womens boots, but I've never rented gear in Japan so... But I will say that it took me quite awhile to even find a pair of 29's that I was interested in. It seems that many shoe/boot companys don't import sizes larger than a 29. When I bought new hiking boots I went to all the local shops (I live 30min. from Shinjuku) and they were like "yeah right" They said the companys I were interested in didn't even import over a 28.5. I'd def. call ahead and find out.
  7. Another fan of Smartwools, I also use dif. Smartwools hiking in the summer. I've got a couple pairs of Bridgedales, but they got all loose after a bit. I don't know what Bridgedales I've got, but obviously the wrong ones. Any sock with "precision" in the name sounds tight, I'll have to check those out.
  8. After reading again you just thought the gun bit was tasteless. Well that's America, we gots a thing called the constitution saying damn near everyone has the right to bare arms, or is that bear arms? Shit I don't know Anyways alot of people mess around with guns it's pretty common. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a few guns. Maybe it is geared towards American people, as you mention. I don't think many Americans know that other types of people are so against them. As far as guns in the backcountry, that's really common. Every year there are people that get arrested even while hikin
  9. I'm with AK/Kuma as well. I thought that shit was funny. Especially the part with him tugging on the tree goin back and forth at like 40MPH. nothing to get all bent outta shape about, so what!! I don't know if it's really "normal" behavior or not but... As a young hoodlum I used to do shit like that all the time. I remember skipping High school once to go ride at the local hill. One of our crew broke his wrist so someone had the idea to go make some drano bombs at one of our houses, after that got boring we went to this other dudes house and made a pipe bomb using black powder from h
  10. And replied. Gotta get that thing outta my DVD player anyway. It's been running laps all day, all week. I'm afraid it's gonna melt into the tray!!
  11. Funny you should post this, very frustrating!!! I was just having a conversation/debate with one of my students about whale/shark hunting. I just couldn't get through his thick skull the important role whales/sharks play in our eco system. He had no idea that sharks were caught, fins cut off, then thrown back. Ofcourse he didn't care either. On the other hand, he's the only student that shows up with a goggle tan all winter long though.
  12. sho do!! I'll should be up late Dec., but I could drop it in the mail for ya if you can get it back to me in a week or so.
  13. Haven't seen Push/Pull yet, I was gonna order it from the website to get that hoodie for only $1o or $15 more than the Japan price. Teaser looks sick though. Quote: Originally posted by eskimobasecamp: sweeet dude, so if i buy a different one, we could copy them from each other? when are you next coming to hakuba anyway? new year? EBC, can these be burned? I had no idea, but don't have a DVD burner anyways. I gots Corduroy if ya need to burn it let me know.
  14. Good call CB!!!! BF&F is da shit!!!! For anyone who wants more here's 192 complete shows in FLAC os SHN for ya, you can also stream em. All bow down to the audio archive. http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=...20Flecktones%22 BTW CB, your never gonna guess what happened... You know those shows that I told you I'd send you 9 mths. ago, and then said they'll be there FOR SURE next week (5mths. ago) and then said I promise they'll be in your mail box Fri. (3 wks. ago) Well they got sent out yesturday. Got some Tea Leaf Green for ya too, but I gotta transfer them as
  15. Naw, they vendys. There's a little group of them right down the street from my house. Never used them though, pretty expensive.
  16. Went to that event in Ikebukuro tonight. I was looking for a pair of boots I knew they wouldn't have so... Anyway the largest boots I saw that were even semi good were size 5-6.5 Lange FR ??? they were 20,000. Might have been interested in any twin tips, all they had were last seasons AR3s for 25,000 and a bunch of carvers. Lots of steezy gear for up to 80% off which seems like states prices- Alphanumeric, Volcom,and Sessions were represented. Bunch of goggles that were marked down to about states prices. I snagged the only steal I could find, A pair of TNF Helicon pants for 2,000 yen!!!! Go
  17. Oh yeah, they're good. As far as the quality, uhhhh yeah I'm at least kinda sure that it's at least partially beef, Maybe def. quanity over quality, let me just leave it at that.
  18. Quote: Originally posted by YellowSnow: Went to Yoshinoya because they have real beef back on for the week *+* but sukiya kills yoshinoya. SHI-HIT !!! I almost forgot about that Italian beef bowl at Sukiya, thanks for choosing my lunch for 2mrw.
  19. Above the clouds, by: Anatoli Boukreev. Just started it though.
  20. Quote: Originally posted by soubriquet: Early Pink Floyd should do it. Grateful Dead were so laid back they were horizontal. I still listen to The Doors. Listening to "waiting for the sun" right now!
  21. Quote: Originally posted by spook: good point about the locks subzero, but how many people actually do this? i've often thought about it, but my laziness always wins out and i trust in the goodness of my fellow man not to steal stuff from my house. but maybe that's far too naive. Me too, Whenever I move into a new place I always plan on changing the locks but... That's it!! This weekend I'm on that shit. It's pretty wierd, when I was in the states I never locked my doors at all even though there's so many criminals out roaming. I never did here either, but my wife doesn't even run
  22. Yup, in the states either. When I was back at home I would often come home and there would be some random sitting on the sofa swillin beers saying I'm a friend of a friend of... but it was always cool cause they knew they belonged. But, there's no way some landlord would just walk into someones house all inocent whistling "whistle while you work" or something like everythings cool, that shit don't fly. I've never even thought about that. Now I'm wondering if anyones ever came in my Apt. while I wasn't there. Charlotte, Did they leave a notice that they were there ? or did
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