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  1. Haven't heard it yet... but I saw James Hetfield in San Fran. a few months back eating in a restaurant. My friend and I were in the bar getting sloppy when my friend spotted him across the way. My friend yelled "What's up James?" at him across the way, and he flipped us off. Kinda seemed like a reg. yuppie flippin us off... hilarious
  2. Originally Posted By: kathfern Originally Posted By: Creek Boy u should buy my atomics which are 130-105-120 at 180cm for 20,000 yen. It will cost you roughly 4000 yen to rent a pair of powder skis for a day. The Classifides section has been taken down cuz of spammers, but sure it will be up again soon and you can see the pic. Theyre bomber. Thats an excellent price for a pair of skis which are in fantastic shape. I think they might be a bit long for me, mine are only 162cm. 180cm - I could see myself getting into lots of trouble! But thanks anyway! I wiseman once said: Short sk
  3. I back up everything I have. I put photos on DVD and onto an external HD. Then my music... I record live music at 24 bit so the files are pretty big. One hour > 1gb = well over 1tb of masters. Then 1tb+ of just Phish shows!!!! A terrastation of other random shows. All those shows are FLAC'd onto DVD-r as well. Also most of my Phish shows and alot of other shows. I transfered off of DAT so I still have those as well. So in the end everything gets backed up at least three times + I upload alot of my shows to the Live Music Archive, so there's a fourth, actually a fifth be
  4. Growing out the beard, eh? Best I can do????? Lifeless geek? didn't say that, but you prolly know yourself better than I. I only met you that one time a couple years ago... I'll leave the room of intelligence and leave you here to wait for an "intelligant rebuttal" oh wiseman.
  5. Thursday your such a fucckup!! You can't answer your own question.
  6. Shit, Six months later and this is still on the front page. Remember that time at the SJ party when Oyuki wouldnt stop rambling on about this? I still have that photo from when he got all heated and had to sit down.
  7. I think that person just says it like that because of their accent or it's just the way they say it. That's "prolly" the case since e is a couple of keys away from a but maybe... Like in the midwestern US people like to go huntin' or fishin'. Whatchadoin? -> nuttin. *Oh, sweet, new smileys. (I've been out for awhile)
  8. I love this clip! Should have kicked Liam in the sack, what a **** pussy. But really, That's what he get's for attacking our sense of hearing for so long.
  9. OK... You know that bond of commitment that is the climbing rope right? HE SLICED IT UP!! CUT THE ROPE! There's ABSOLUTELY no reason to ever cut the rope when your partner is in an unknown state. IMHO he should be sentenced to a life of free soloing! They were careless straight up, and surely could have avoided this situation! In three seasons working Yosemite SAR I've seen many a body scraped off the granite cause someone was too lazy to set a decent belay anchor, THOUGHT they had to get down because of closing weather that prolly wouldn't have killed them anyway, or Feared they wou
  10. Japan seems pretty clean for howmany people live there however... My friend Kenji always throws all his garbage out the window at pedestrians. One time I saw him peg this kid in the head with a half full bowl of Yakisoba!! This kid is out of control!!
  11. For whoever asked earlier, the film is about Joe Simpson and Simon Yates climb of the west face of 6,344 metre Siula Grande. BP, I must ask. What seems "pretty stupid" about attempting that route? It's a calculated risk just like anytime we duck a rope, or exit through a BC gate. The better the goods, the higher the risk I'm willing to take to get on that. I've been to Siula Grande, it's quite inspiring, and I hope to return one day. What was stupid was was how Yate's knew he was down climbing, and didn't belay him down the 20' cliff or whatever it was, he prolly wouldn't hav
  12. A - T - L!! That's sick!! Wish I could head home, but looks like it'll be a while. Be sure to see some shows while out there. Anyways, I always use IACE travel. It seems that I always get the best price with them, and I know they have an Atlanta office as I've bought a ticket from that office before so if you have any problems ... Def. let me know if you fly outta Narita. BTW havent got those shows out.Gotta get some more CD-Rs to Burn ya a few STS9 shows I wanna give you. I'll surely get them out this week though.
  13. Anybody see that funny article in POWDER about Jamie's world record huck? I'm gonna see if I can dig it out and post it. It's kinda wierd that something like thats even considered stuck. Evil Kenievel (that spelling looks hacked) didn't get world records by jumping a bunch of cars and landing on his head, Gotta land on the wheels son.
  14. On that link it now states that "As of Feb. 5th Family Mart has pulled all of those rags. off the mutha ****in shelf" or something like that.
  15. All three of those hucks are in Courduroy and a few other recent flicks. That second huck if ****in crazy!!! He lands like a meter or less from that huge rock!!!!
  16. Eh? A Sakura branch? Opened? Are you sure it wasn't an Ume branch? Lots of Ume flowers opened near my house.
  17. Sunrise or anyone else who may be interested, heres a pretty good example of what they do. http://www.archive.org/details/zilla2006-03-28.flac16 Just click on any of the tracks on the upper right to stream.
  18. They`re playing 5 min. from my school at Super Deluxe in Roppongi. I`ll send ya a mail tonight.
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