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  1. I received an email from the travel people I booked my trip with saying that due to the fluctuation in the Yen, my package would have to be repriced (I have already paid a deposit). Is this something that usually happens? I'm a little confused? Cheers kathy..
  2. lol why didnt I think of that Tubby! Do you think I would get the hacksaw through customs?
  3. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy u should buy my atomics which are 130-105-120 at 180cm for 20,000 yen. It will cost you roughly 4000 yen to rent a pair of powder skis for a day. The Classifides section has been taken down cuz of spammers, but sure it will be up again soon and you can see the pic. Theyre bomber. Thats an excellent price for a pair of skis which are in fantastic shape. I think they might be a bit long for me, mine are only 162cm. 180cm - I could see myself getting into lots of trouble! But thanks anyway!
  4. Hi All I have a pair of Rossignol Sahpir 200 skis, (bought them a coupld of years ago) and am wondering if they are ok for skiing in Japan. I am only an intermmediate skier, and more likely to stay on groomed runs, but would like to test myself out in the powder as well. The skis are: Sidecut: 114/69/95 Radius: 15.1 (162) Thanks Kath..
  5. Thanks everyone! snowhunter, I didnt realise you can buy hand and foot warmers? what exactly are they? I have a lovely warm Columbia jacket that I have had for a few years and it does a great job (although I have only skied in Oz and its always been fairly warm). Went shopping yesterday and got some thermals..so now just need a helmet and whatever those hand and footwarmers are! Mamabear - I can just imagine the scene at the airport! Will remember to pack light!
  6. Thankyou to everyone for their responses! I have checked out the Limo bus and that seems like a nice easy option. Mamabear - yes I am a control freak as well so need to be very well organised. Qantas say 20kg then a flat fee of 3kg excess for over that..is that correct? How come it cost $500 Mamabear? Very nervous about how cold it is going to be...think I need to do some thermal underwear shopping!
  7. Hello All I have recently joined the forum, so hello to all. We have booked a ski trip for Feb 09 to Niseko and our flight from Oz arrives at Narita airport and our domestic flight leaves from Haneda airport. Just wondering if anyone can advise the best way to get from one airport to the other? Also, how does the baggage allowance work when you travel with ski's and boots? Cheers Kathy..
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