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  1. Quote: ...and for the Japanese women hoping to bag themselves a b(w)anker.... Not a bad thing
  2. Anyone else on here going to be hitting Dynaland (Gifu) in mid-December? I'll be there around 17th December for 3 or 4 days and hoping to meet up with a few people. Lets dynalando.
  3. I'm having a week in Hokkaido and then a few 3 day weekends + whatever else. 20 would be good, more likely 15.
  4. I wish it were here. You'd ba happy too gamera - all that snow to move!
  5. Not heard. Seems like there is currenty zero buzz.
  6. *Windows open > tried it *sleep naked > do it *use only a sheet > tried it *use an electric fan > tried it Not working for me though
  7. Nice pictures, I've never witnessed anything like that. (And I didn't know Dorset was in Africa)
  8. The heat here in summer sucks big time. I reluctantly go to sleep with the aircon on as you said, usually 2 hours as I go to bed. Otherwise I'd be losing tons of sleep and more than likely be in a foul mood all the time.
  9. My cc was not 'abused' but I got a call this week and I will be getting a new one. (I haven't used it in 3 months either). Seems they are doing it as a precaution in most cases.
  10. I have had the same. BA are really stingy with it and seem to be tightening the rules at an alarming rate. I don't have as many as you Kintaro, but I do have quite a lot but it seems that you have to buy an expensive ticket to be able to use them which seems like a waste of time. I'm going to stop using them if that really is the case.
  11. Any that stick in the memory? Mine was only half to do with snowboarding - up at Zao. Excellent weather, brilliant snow (30cm the night before), good friends.... and to top it off met my current g/f. Can't get much better than that!
  12. My total in the end was 21. Quite pleased with that, though hoping for more next time round.
  13. Destinys Child have split up. A day of mourning is called for.
  14. Baros is all hot and cold though isn't he? That Nunez bloke is worse than useless.
  15. Nothing beats teaching eikaiwa in terms of job satisfaction (and the successful promotining of "internationalisation").
  16. Got a friend up there who isn't a massive snowboarder but willing to give it a go. Its scandalous for someone to live in an area like that and not take advantage of it. I'll be taking him next weekend.
  17. Anyone on here ever take any ski/board lessons at a ski/board school at a resort here? Interested in taking some, but wary of quality and the language thing. A lesson in Japanese would be ok I think, maybe. Do you really need that much language, is there much talking in a lesson?
  18. Got this one guy at work who is almost constantly "playing around with himself" from the outside, if you know what I mean. It's just gross.
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