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  1. Quote: Originally posted by Yamakashi: Ive been seeing my old mates from HS/Uni and its been sweet. Feels like I hadnt seen em for like a week or something. Nice having some good mates like that I'm fully with you there! I know my real mates are the ones I can hook up with after years and you just relax and slot straight back into the groove. No distance or tension. Like you said feels more like you haven't seen them for a week than a year.
  2. As the the sky, think of it like a big swimming pool and you'll be right. Things float and fly in the sky the same as things float and swim in a pool. We use "get on" for mass public transport, planes trains, buses etc but "get in" is for smaller private cars/boats....At least I think that's how it works? Why?..the same reason you say 電車をおりる but 電車に乗る. Why を in one case but に in the other? Japanese particles do my head in too!! If you try and think too much about why certain things are said you're brain will explode!!! Mines come close plenty of times! Sometimes there is no reason and s
  3. This should be in the silly question thread that was goin here a little while ago! Is snowbaording addictive!! Oh yeah!!!
  4. Nothing surprises me in this place anymore!
  5. They're not this year's model but the year before. So that'll make them the 2003 model I suppose. So you reckon they sorted all the problems out, hey? So they should, making bindings is all Drake do, you would expect them to do a better job.
  6. Yeah the drivers on my line do it all the way through the trip. They point at signs or something every km or so. It is pretty funny but it must keep them awake. Can't say the same for that boom gate operator yesterday...oops was that up or down when a train comes?..I can never remember!
  7. Sakebomb, I think you're right about the Sports Alpen Shops marketing the Kismark gear. Last time I was in their shop in my city, Kissmark was about 80% of the stuff they sold. I'd be surprised if Kissmark didn't do three hole baseplates. I wish Burton would stop inconveniencing everyone by being the only manufacturer using a three hole stud pattern. My matrix bindings are stiff and responsive too, but only at low speeds. If I'm going flat out (when you want the control) they get real sloppy, not a good feeling. It feels a bit like bad heel lift but I'm sure its actually the binding basep
  8. My previous bindings were missions. Good no BS bindings. I'm riding drake matrix this season and they're like being stuck to the board with sloppy poo. I'm probably gunna go back to Burton missions next year.
  9. Cheers Markie, It doesn't really affect me but like I said, just curious.
  10. What about the parents!! I mean seriously.. Would you let your kids sleep in the same bed as Michael Jackson? F'n idiots!!
  11. Just out of curiousity, why do your financial assets need to be protected from a disease outbreak? And how do you go about protecting your assets from something like that exactly?
  12. Yep, definitely feeling pretty springy. Sad to say I've probably seen all the powder days I'll see this season.
  13. I'm with you there fukdane, yesterday was a shocker. Fukushima was like boiler plate. It stayed cold all day and didn't melt. Even worse I hit it after three hours sleep, hungover.
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