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  1. dont think this movie is very well known but 'the hand that rocks the craddle' generally a crap movie but a classic
  2. never done it but personally i think party'n hard for a good 30 hours or whatever needed to get in check with the time would work fabulously.
  3. slightly off topic... how is gaijin pronounced? ive yet to enter japan and yet to hear anyone say it. is its just as it looks... gay jin?
  4. i would have to agree with you about the burton deal although now its super hard to stay away from burton because the past 2 years burton has bought out many of the major board companies. burton is kind of like nike of the snowboard world..... not a bad product but extremely over priced for what you're gettin
  5. why would you want to be british??? that is the question.... naw... i love the brits
  6. lol im just bored! yes we do that would be my boyfriend. 18... feels like it should be 19 by now but sadly its not
  7. TRON IS THE BEST MOVIE OF MY LIFE ok not quite but i do own it and find it quite pointless yet entertaning
  8. just because i havent had much to say in this forum lately i decided to start a new one... although kind of pointless but i just thought that i better get in here before i am forgotten so neways my message is: go celebrate and be merry for it is my birthday in a few hours....
  9. In 1974, former army intelligence officer Hiroo Onoda was found living in the jungle on the Philippine island of Lubang. He was completely unaware of Japan's defeat in 1945. hahaha oh thats gold
  10. womp i got it to work.... now that i see it, its a bit warped... oh well
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