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  1. I took a few simple lessons early on without any problems - it was actually quite fun for me and for everyone else it seems. Like someone else said, it kinda broke the ice and got everyoe talking and laughing.
  2. TV, video, DVDs, satellite etc. How much do you watch. I'm worried I am watching tooooo much.
  3. Does Japan have seasons? Wow. I thought that was only my country. You learn every day.
  4. Just the speakerphoned Jpop, that's all. Go to GALA Yuzawa and you'll get lots of AOR and George Michael as well.
  5. Yeah. Still zero snow in lots of "snow regions" though. (Sadly the place I plan to go to most).
  6. Treacle Toffee, haven't had any of that for many years.
  7. Best resort/restautant on the hills for curry-rice anyone?
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