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  1. Alright you got me there, but you get my point.
  2. Since there is an extensive history of "honorable" suicides in Japan, I'm wondering about the general mindset of present day suicide "victims"... Are they doing it because it used to be an honorable option to a losing battle and their losing battle being life?
  3. As a member of us "chair force" (11 days until im a civy! woohoo) I can safely say most marines are brainwashed, egotistic jarheads and I'm sorry for those of you who've had bad experiences with them. Next time, welcome him back with a punch to the kidney and a bottle over the noggin. However, if you ever meet an airman at a bar I promise you'll like him. We're much more intelligent and down-to-earth.
  4. Ya, but think of all the constipation associated with abundant cheese consumption.
  5. try switching deodorants... Sure is a dependable brand, use it on your crack too if you have problems down there
  6. Where is this dictionary located? I've actually used that one you posted a few times.
  7. Futurama all the way!! "Old School" and everything else with will ferrel
  8. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: Don't pin your inadequacies on me boy. And what's this drivel about Texas, the most backward state in the union? Oh its not MY inadequacy Ocean, it's yours, you're so full of yourself that you fail to realize it. You even failed to realize my post was supposed to be a relief from all of the bickering, did you not see the ? It means cool down because nobody is getting anywhere. Texas is the most backward state? In regards to what Ocean? Can you please specify? Please, as you ask of others, provide some factual support to your opinions. Yo
  9. Political arguments with Ocean are futile if you haven't discovered by now On the topic of illegal occupation, did you know that Texas is the only U.S. state that entered the union by treaty? Which means we may secede from the U.S. if we (Texans) actually got a government together. I dont see it happening in my lifetime though, however there are many Texans (probably .0003%(I made that statistic up(parenthesis are great))) working on it as we type Just a quick illegal occupation fun fact. A serious issue for those persons involved but not to be taken seriously on this forum
  10. Good, but you left out: Monty Python - Holy Grail Tommy Boy Dumb and Dumber Office Space Spaceballs Young Frankenstein etc. etc. along those lines.
  11. Quote: Originally posted by 34 guest(s): I know some guys that might suggest that you needn't bring sand to the beach. Maybe I took it the wrong way but... nah I dont want to hurt anybody's feelings.
  12. Thats why Japan is unique I guess... Im opposite, hate work, love the wife.
  13. That is used a lot here at work because email is the primary line of official communication so it lets us know that we can check it later and focus on other tasks at hand for the time being. It works for us, I usually ignore those emails until I am at stopping point with my other work.
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