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  1. People tell me I look a bit like Josh Hartnett. I really don't think so.
  2. Out in the US today is it? Japan is another few weeks.
  3. Definitely. And if you avoid all "war" & "politics" related posts too
  4. If I remember correctly, and from my estimation too, there are more people from the US on here than the UK. Go figure.
  5. Hate people being late without an explanation. Very annoying.
  6. I can't see any hatred or strong anti-US here. What I can see is people who will never be able to agree on subjects such as these because of their strongly held beliefs. Some of those people are better at posting and responding than others are. Sometimes small misunderstandings cause a topic to go off on a tangent, or bring on further misunderstandings. It's going to happen when people are writing. But all very entertaining. Ooops.... I wonder if that makes me a sheep or a subject of The Mighty O11.
  7. Anyone had either the Premium Mac or the Tofu Sando yet? I had the Tofu sando yesterday and it was quite nice actually. Heard that the Premium Mac is all right too...
  8. What do you think? I think its a daft thing and I've never had anyone down asking for money so....
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