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  1. Yes, it's called Pine Ridge, but, sorry, can't tell whos sister she is. I'm thinkin' they may have had a decent season for the Westside this season, however.
  2. Originally Posted By: spacefrog Some sake can`t be heated. it depends if it has been pasteurised or not amongst other things.Unpasteurised sake should never be heated! there should be a pic on the back label with some pictogram displaying if it can be heated or not. In fact only cheap honjozo can really be heated(atsukan) and some of more expensive ginjoshu can be warmed(nurukan). Warming should never really be above 45 degrees, what I do is use a ceramic jar that my ceramic sake bottle fits in and fill it with boiling water and keept it in there for about 3.5- 4 mins. naruhodo! do yo
  3. Originally Posted By: big-will I went to have a look. Those new 905s are really expensive aren't they? Seems some of them have a listed price of 70,000 yen and being sold for around 50,000 yen. Did the top of the line used to be so expensive? I suppose when they have tv, gps and all those other things they will be more expensive. I think Docomo have gone back to the system of you pay more for the phone but you get a cheaper plan. My Docomo bill too has dropped from about 8-9K to around 5K. noice! For the record I have the old n704i myu. Very slim, not so big on functions. paid
  4. Awesome. I guess ultra thin would be best. Don't have any other use for them right now. hehe. Do they sell shockproof memory cards?
  5. Was in Geihoku last Saturday and there was powder in Hiroshima! Yes... powder... in ... Hiroshima. Must have been the snow gods rewarding me for going up on my birthday!! Praise the snow gods. Champagne in the snow. I can just imagine how it was up in Northern Japan.
  6. Will be up there for a few days in March (6th - 9th). There's always snow just depends whether it's fresh puff-puff or not.
  7. I think BP was suggesting skip the small (but obviously impressive) Canon if you're a photobuff and go up to a digital SLR and have the lightweight as the happy-snappy cam that slips into your pocket. Which I intend to do. I consider myself a bit of a photobuff and will probably buy a bigger camera at the end of the year. But what I want now is lightweight point and shoot. I'm going the 1030SW from what everyone says about their 700s. They've bumped up the spec to 10.1M so should be perfect for where I'm going. It gets released March 2008 but I can't find a date on that. Does anyo
  8. nice! I'm definately getting one before my (all too short) Hokkaido trip. btw... What's a 'hansei'?
  9. Sasebo in Kyushu has hundreds of real 'slow food' burger joints. Possibly started from the US Navy/Army presence in the vicinity. But you've got to go down there and get the burger shop tour guide map. Big flat ones, tall chunky ones.... they've got 'em all. man I'm hungry.
  10. I've been on the lookout for a new digital camera. So I thought, would love to have one I can drop in the snow, accidentally step on or take snorkelling for my version on Le Grande Bleu. Anyone have any recommendations - I've pretty much decided on the Olympus 1030 SW (which apparantly has a wideangle shot and landscape function)
  11. I heard that there's a lot of international investment up there in Niseko so (apart from jobs) the local businesses are not take much of the boom profits as all the businesses are foreign owned. Is there anyone looking out for the local interests?
  12. Recently did this and no-one said anything - Japanese being polite. But, words were said to the manager and later passed onto us - ie. others didn't like it.
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